Which Android Web Browser is the Best?

Nowadays Android smartphones are powerful enough to run heavy apps and apps. There are several powerful Android browsers which can open almost any website. Be it resource heavy website or a lite Website, Android browsers can open any site with ease. But the problem is that there are many browsers which can confuse you which one to use and which one to ignore. So check out the top best 4 web broswers for Android in 2018.

Top Best Web Browsers for Android

Top 1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is best Android browsers directly from the Android Maker, Google. This browser is fast and comes pre-installed on your Android Phone. With Google Chrome you can download Videos, Images and other documents.

Tip: If in case you have mistakenly deleted any important downloaded file, then you don’t need to worry as you can recover the deleted data from Android with ease.

Chrome is one of the Top Best Web Browsers for Android

The features of Google Chrome:

Top 2. Brave Browser

Brave is another best Android web browser with no ads. It is based on Google Chrome but with added features. If you like Google Chrome look then you will definitely like Brave browser. It is one the popular Android web browsers with the following features:

Brave Browser is one of the Top Best Web Browsers for Android

Top 3. Mozilla Firefox Focus

The third best web browser must be Mozilla Firefox Focus. It is very fast and loads pages smoothly. Privacy is the main focus of this browser, and Mozilla Firefox works by default in private browser. The size of this browser is just 4MB, so you can download it at a fast speed.

Mozilla Firefox Focus is one of the Top Best Web Browsers for Android

The features of this browser are as follow:

Top 4. Microsoft Edge

This web browser comes from Microsoft, which has Microsoft Internet Explorer browser for PC for ages. It was announced recently and soon after its launch, it has made its debut.

Microsoft Edge is one of the Top Best Web Browsers for Android

Here are the features of this browser:

So as these are the top 4 Android web browsers in 2018, which one is your favourite? Or do you have a better one to recommend? Please share with us in the common section below.

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