10 Best Sites Like KissAsian to Watch Asian Movies/Drama in 2019

These days the entertainment platform is at the top among trending websites. The exposure and availability of the entertainment world for people have now stepped into a broader level. Gone are the days when the only source of entertainment for people was the movie. These days, the entertainment world is expanding its exposure. One can even find movies, TV shows covering the entire genre, which is the most exciting fact about the present entertainment world. If you want to step into the entertainment world, you can start with visiting the best 10 alternatives to KissAsian we list in this article!

Sites Like KissAsian to Watch Asian Movies/Drama

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In this revolution, the primary role is online entertainment websites or applications. People have been able to reach different series through this platform effectively. KissAsian has been a very useful website which serves as a free entertainment platform. The following are some of the other entertainment websites like KissAsian.

1. Viki

Viki is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

This is an entertainment platform or an online video streaming site similar to KissAsian. In the year 2011, the company happened to win many awards for being the best startup company. The company has its headquarters in San Mateo, and other offices of the company are located in Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore. One of the most important awards of the company is the Crunchies award for being the best startup company internationally.

The company sells premium content which is licensed, leading to the expansion of the reach of the entertainment world. In addition to that, filmmakers and talented artists have benefited a lot from this platform. They can put their work out and even get a platform to show their work.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

Netflix is an entertainment service provider which has its headquarter in Los Gatos in California. It was founded in the year 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. The service of the company focuses on the subscription for availing streamed videos on the application or website.

This is widely popular among people as they can find online videos of all the genres here on Netflix. This serves as one of the best alternatives to KissAsian. This application can be used a few times by people all over the world. People are offered one month of free video streaming.

TV shows and movies on it are charged with some amount and are asked to take a subscription to continue watching online. Some countries where Netflix has managed to be a mandatory source of entertainment are China, Syria, India, Iran, Korea, Crimea, Japan and so on.

3. DramaFever

This is a video streaming website which solely serves as a platform for the core purpose of entertainment of people. Different people have different tastes. But here all sorts of people can be entertained as the content of various genres is provided online. One can find documentaries, movies, television shows, and movies as well. They will also be provided with English subtitles.

One can even access the website from all kinds of devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Roku, etc. The content of the website is comprised of all kinds of movies, documentaries, and TV shows that you have probably heard of. So if you are in search of any sites like KissAsian, this is one of the largest licensed entertainment platforms in the United States. It also makes high definition videos available for people.

4. DramaTv

This is a television channel that airs the entertainment content for people for free. The channel was launched on 8th July in the year 2013. DramaTv has now grabbed a significant place in the entertainment industry, and people can also enjoy streaming videos online on the website.

It has been four decades since DramaTv became a home to give content for British entertaining. Currently, it can serve as an entertaining platform for people in place of KissAsian. The channel was brought to existence with the sole purpose of bringing drams into the attention of people by airing.

But now it has been a mere entertainment platform that serves people with content of all genres. The budding artists are also provided with a platform where they can effectively show their talents. This has left a room for entertainers, and the entertainment seekers bring a revolution in history and lead the trend.

5. ViewAsian

ViewAsian is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

This is also an online entertainment platform that has been able to serve a recreation to people effectively. People can find documentaries and movies of their choice on this site similar to KissAsian. The videos can be streamed on the website for free and people can watch them as per their wishes. This is also a cheap and convenient source of entertainment that people are provided with.

For convenience, the company provides people with subtitles of all the videos, and the videos are made available on the website in high definition quality. This is where the difference is observable. You can find very few online video streaming websites with good quality videos. This is the reason why this has been a top-rated website among Asians. If you are in search of the alternative to KissAsian, this can be a perfect option for you to opt in that case.

6. Viu

Viu is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

Viu is a video server that is operated by PCCW Media. It was first launched in Hong Kong. This provides an excellent room for entertainment seekers to get all the videos, movies, and documentaries as per their choice because the entertainment content from all over the world is available here. The active users of Viu are about 20 million in a month.

This can be considered as the first OTT platform in Hong Kong. The business started with services for free. This means that during the beginning, the company provided video streaming for free for people and when users increased to a vast number, the company opted the subscription method. The entertainment program was then provided to the subscribing users.

With the premium service to people, this is a better alternative to KissAsian. There is a variety of entertainment content that can be streamed here online. Dramas in various areas are also provided. Ranging from the animated programs and some good movies to documentaries, entertainment seekers of all categories are welcomed with an open heart.


DRAMOT is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

With platform independence, users of all devices can have access to this online streaming platform. Videos of high definition quality are provided, and people can even watch videos without subscriptions. One can even find entertainment content of all categories. People with different choices can also avail entertainment on this site.

There is the availability of Korean and Japanese dramas which people can enjoy. One can even share them with friends. This is a very legitimate site like the KissAsian website. Not only this, but DRAMOT is also beneficial to creative artists as they are provided with a platform and audiences to showcase their work.

The entertainment industry has quite benefited from a platform like this. People are provided with quality videos so that they can enjoy their time. Millions and billions of entertaining videos are available streamed online. Ranging from movies to television programs, one can watch many things by making use of this website.

8. Dramamate

The taste and interest area of people differ. Some like to watch movies while others take an interest in series as well as documentaries. This is the very reason why this application has been able to grab a significant part of people’s attention by providing video streaming of the utmost good quality. There is quite less exposure given to drama.

In addition to dramas, there is the availability of television shows, documentaries, and the latest released movies as well. Entertainment seekers cannot escape falling for the website as they can watch all the most recent shows and series on the site, and they will also be provided with English subtitles in their favorite content.

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KOCOWA is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

This is a website similar to KissAsian to stream online television shows and entertainment videos. It has the headquarter in Los Angeles. This is a website that is majorly famous for users streaming Korean series online. The Korean entertainment series and movies are not only renowned in Korea, but they are renowned all over the world.

This is a website that centers all the attention to the video entertainment of Korean series and movies here. This has been a significant entertainment platform in countries like the United States. This company majorly intends to expand its services to countries with French and Spanish languages. This has been one of the most opted video streaming websites all over the world.

The business of the company is based on the subscription of people to their website, which means they provide the availability of online entertainment videos to people who have subscription of the site. There are subtitles and translations available in the videos on the website. This company provides streaming license videos, making sure that users are provided with videos of high definition quality to enjoy their time.

10. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best sites like KissAsian to watch asian movies/drama.

This is an American company which serves as an entertainment site alternative to KissAsian. This website offers streaming videos online which people want to watch in their leisure time. This is not only beneficial to entertainment seekers but at the same time, it also provides the readymade audience and platform to the creative artists and leaves them with a room to showcase their work.

There are many competitors of Hulu, but still, it remains at the top when it comes to the people’s choice. People are provided with quality videos, and there are videos of all the genres on the website, which makes it the ultimate determination for people. This carries the current and the past shows as well as movies.


So these are some of the entertainment platforms which are the best alternatives to KissAsian where one has access to series, TV shows, dramas, and even movies online. They are also available with English subtitles. So if your query is about a better entertainment platform to opt to enjoy your time, you can choose all the above-listed sites to watch movies and shows you like with subtitles.

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