10 Best BestHDMovies Alternatives to Download Games and Old Movies

Download Games and Old Movies

Movies and games have become famous and spectacular in today’s world. People all over the world love to explore digital entertainment by shutting off their daily menial tasks. Movies can create a tremendous effect on one’s life. It gives the dose of imagination that one desires to experience in reality. Not every film is important to watch, but there are some old/new movies you want to download to watch for free. If you are fascinated by movies and games, then there are chromatic torrent sites available nowadays on the internet. If you are among those people who wish to learn new virtue from old movies, then you must be enthusiastic to download them. And if you are unacquainted with the sites and torrents that will facilitate you with the procedure to download old and new movies for free, then this is a perfect page to guide you.

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You will be lucky to know about one of the well-known sites which will furnish you with free movies. For example, BestHDMovies is one of the best platforms to download free Hindi and Bollywood movies. These sites will not only enable you to download the latest movies but also the old ones which were performed decades ago. But if you are unable to install BestHDMovies on your device, then you can try other alternatives. If you are a movie and game lover, you will not be disappointed with not accessing BestHDMovies because next, we will give you a list which covers the 10 best torrent websites similar to BestHDMovies in 2019 to download games and old and new movies for free.

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1. KickassTorrents

Using KickassTorrents to download games and old movies.

It is a kind of website like BestHDMovies, and it provides magnetic links, directory, and torrent files using file sharing and BitTorrent protocols. DMCA can remove torrents which are infringing reported by many content owners. You will be amazed to know that KickassTorrents is the best website with the number 1 ranking for you to download a favorite old movie without any hassle. And of course, if you go through the reviews, you will find that more than 90% of people have approved KickassTorrents to be safe to use. After knowing such a good aspect of KickassTorrents, you must be wondering if it may charge you some extra cost. But you will be surprised to know it’s totally free for all users. Therefore you can try to experience this website and check how good contemporary movies get downloaded.

2. ExtraTorrent

The common abbreviation of ExtraTorrent is ET. It is a kind of online index of entertainment and digital content including software and media. Here visitors can search for, download torrent files with magnet links, facilitating file sharing from one person to another and also among BitTorrent users. If you check the reviews of ExtraTorrent, you will find that it has been ranked as the number 2 website for downloading contemporary movies with more than 85% votes from users with positive ranking.

3. SkyMovies

Using SkyMovies to download games and old movies.

It is a kind of premium subscription on the movie channel of television first seen in Ireland and the UK. Sky movies also dedicated the channels to the films of James Bond. It is ranked to be the number 3 website for downloading your best old movies having a positive review of about 86% votes. It can be downloaded for free without any cost.

4. CinySearch

It is one of the best torrent sites to download games and old and new movies for free. You can browse for free on CinySearch. It is ranked as the number 4 website for downloading TV series and movies, and the best part is that you can run CiniSearch even on your mobile device easily. People most of the time get annoyed with the popups and unwanted advertisements during the downloading process, whichever torrent they choose. If you are among them, then CinySearch is the best solution for you because CinySearch automatically blocks the unwanted ads and content itself.

5. HD-Torrent

Using HD-Torrent to download games and old movies.

If you’re interested in downloading movies of various styles, such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed, Telugu, or Tamil films in high quality, then HD-Torrent is the best choice for you. It ranks 5th and can acquire 78% of positive quotes from its users. If you are worried about whether you will be charged for downloading, then you don’t have to because it’s free.

6. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most demanding website for torrent links including TV series, movies, and many other things. It stands on the 6th position in ranking as compared to the other torrent websites. PC users and desktop users can get the best use of The Pirate Bay in downloading huge files of movies or any series. Due to its convenience, it has attracted more than 90% of positive votes. Users prefer The Pirate Bay most because it is easy and also free of cost.

7. Putlocker Mix

Using Putlocker Mix to download games and old movies.

If you don’t have enough patience to download movies, then you have another option that is watching online. You can watch movies, series, or any other videos old or new on Putlocker Mix which is similar to BestHDMovies for free, and it ranks 7th on the torrent website ranking. It can acquire 90% votes. The best part is that users can use it on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops, PCs, desktops, etc.

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8. Filmy Anju

The previous name of Filmy Anju was WellTorrent. It is an Indian website, and more precisely, it is a torrent site of India and ranks 8th among torrent downloading websites. It has attracted about 89% of positive votes, and users love it for it is free. If you want to watch movies like Tamil, Pakistani, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Telegu, you can simply go for Filmy Anju. It is also easy to operate and manage to collect proper magnetic links to get excellent movies or TV series you like to watch.

9. Todaypk Movies

Using Todaypk Movies to download games and old movies.

If you are interested in watching live streaming videos, then Todaypk Movies is the best website to choose. It comes in the 9th position, and the only disadvantage with it is that it is a paid application and thus you cannot use it for free. The most important part of Todaypk Movies is that more than 85 percent of people prefer it, which means it gives better services to its users.

10. Zooqle

If you are a game lover, then the best website where you can download games without any problems along with the advantage of downloading movies and other files is Zooqle. It is ranked in the 10th position by the Softonic solutions. It does not charge any money, which means it is free of cost, and users love this point as the best part of it. It has acquired 86% of positive voters, which reflects that it provides better services to users.


Since you have known the 10 best torrent sites like BestHDMovies in 2019 to download games and old/new movies for free, you must choose one from this list as the most suitable one for yourself. Your experience will be good once you start using any one of them and enjoy watching movies or playing games you like. So come on to install any of these torrent websites and enjoy your best TV serials, games, or movies.

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