How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

Formatting a hard drive is the process of deleting files from a drive, to give space for new files or a new operating system. When a drive is formatted, all erased data store on it can still be retrieved if no new data is written to the drive. The reason is that a hard drive formatting does not erase anything at all, what it does is to remove the files from the computer’s File Association Tables (FAT) and tell the computer that it is safe to use that space. Before the computer using that space, the files are still there and can be easily restored.

There are many Data Recovery software owns the function to recover data from formatted Hard Disk Drive. If you wish to find one that’s simple to use but still has the great power to recover most of your lost data, you can’t not miss Jihosoft File Recovery.

Main functions of Jihosoft File Recovery

-Recover a wide range file types including photos, music, video, documents, email, zip, etc.
-Recover files from Window OS-based hard disk drives.
-Beneficial filter options function to deselect the file types you don’t have to scan.
-Two scan modes to satisfy different needs for scan depth.
-Super fast scan speed to save your precious time.
-Exceptional preview tool and search options to find and sort the files you want to restore.

Note: To recover data from formatted drive on Mac, you can download Jihosoft File Recovery for Mac.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Disk Drive?

Tips: Do not save any data to the formatted Hard Disk Drive, any extra behaviors can lead to even more data loss, which could result in permanent loss of data. To recovery formatted data, you can walk through the following recovery process step by step.

Step one: Download and install Jihosoft File Recovery.

Download and install the program on a partition there is no data loss, for example, if you format the E drive, then you should install the software onto a non-E partition, like D drive.

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

Step two: Select the scan partition and mode.

Start the program, select and check the disk drive that you have formatted as the partition to scan. Check “Deep” scan mode in the left-bottom to scan for files lost due to formatting.

Step three: Preview scan results.

Hit right-bottom “Scan” to start the deep scan process. After the scan, the software will present recoverable files in the left pane by folders. You can use the search and preview tools to find and specify the files you want to recover.

Step four: Recover lost data from formatted drives.

Check your lost files from the file list and click right-bottom “Recover” to retrieve lost files from formatted disk drive.

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