Android Phone Recovery Product FAQ

Answers to common questions.

Q: Why My Phone Can't be Detected by the Program?
A: Before you run the program, please enable USB debugging on your Android device. Then, install USB Driver on your computer. After that, connect your Android phone to PC with USB cable and then run the software again to see if your device can be recognized or not.
Q: Why Can’t I Recover Any Lost Android Files?
A: Please ensure that your Android device is always connecting to the software during the recovery process. Before recovery, it is necessary to enable USB debugging on your phone and root your device. There might be some notifications pop up during the recovery, please agree to these messages for authorization.
Q: Is it Necessary to Root My Android Device Prior to the Recovery?
A: Yes, because most Android devices use MTP mode to transfer media files, and all third-party applications can't read data from its internal memory directly. Only after you root your device, Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery will have the permission to scan your phone internal memory for the lost files.
Q: Can I Recover Lost Files from A Windows Phone?
A: We are sorry that Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery does not support Windows devices. However, you might try Jihosoft Photo Recovery if your lost photos or videos that were originally saved on an external SD card of your Windows device.
Q: Am I Able To Recover Files That Were Deleted Long Time Ago?
A: The success rate of the recovery depends on whether the lost data has been overwritten/corrupted or not, since deleted data can be overwritten by new data. It is recommended to recover the lost files as soon as possible.