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Remove unwanted objects from photos free without impacting the background!
Jihosoft photo editor software helps you emphasize what’s interesting in your photos by removing distracting objects seamlessly.

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Top Reasons to Choose Jihosoft Photo Eraser

You can effortlessly erase anything that messes up your photos, or clone any part of your photos. The algorithm of this image eraser tool analyzes the surroundings and automatically fill in the selected area with intelligently-generated textures.

Remove People From Travel Photos

Still waiting for tourists to move out of your frame and quickly snap a shot? Luckily, with Jihosoft photo remover tool, you no longer need to wait for strangers to pass or worry about your vacation photos spoiled by a bunch of strangers and tourists. You can easily get rid of those people roaming in the background of your shots now. Learn More

Remove Objects From Photos

It must will frustrate you if there are some annoying unwanted objects shown in the photo. This is the best unwanted object remover tool that lets you remove unnecessary shadow, street signs, power lines, street signs and other unwanted objects from photos without difficulty. Now try erasing the unwanted objects that spoil the mood of the occasion. Learn More

Remove Watermark And Text From Photos

How can you delete watermark from photo without damaging the photo quality as well as the format? Jihosoft Photo Eraser is the best tool that you can rely on to remove watermarks, logos, data stamps, texts, and even emojis and stickers from pictures without affecting the background. Learn More

Remove Blemishes, Pimples, Wrinkles From Photos

Get your portrait photos instantly retouched just like what the glossy magazines do. This software helps you enhance your selfies: remove wrinkles, remove beard and moustache, erase pimples and acne, and smooth skin while preserve your skin details naturally. Learn More

Repair Broken Building And Objects In Photos

Broken buildings or stuff appear in your photos? You can fix them by simply moving your mouse around. This Image Eraser tool analyzes the surroundings of the broken area and repair the broken tower, house and other buildings with matched textures. It automatically identifies the broken areas of a picture that need to be filled in and make your image look natural and faultless. Learn More

Restore Old Photos

Old photos can evoke the memories of wonderful times you had with your family and friends. But over time, they can crease, tear, fade, and even get stained. There is still hope. This old photo restoration software repairs damaged photos by repairing spots, scratches and wreckage to let precious old photos bring back their former glory. Learn More

Clone Yourself In Pictures

You may have seen photos where the same person appears multiple times in a single photo. Well, it is not at all complicated or difficult to clone yourself and any existing objects in a photo with the Smart Clone Tool featured in this Eraser Tool for photos. Try this Image Eraser to create surprising twin effects and perfect your editing. Learn More

How To Edit Something Out Of A Picture

Complete Editing Features

Make a good photo great with Jihosoft Photo Eraser tool

4 Selection Methods
4 Selection Methods
Choose from a brush, rectangle, lasso or polygon
Customized Selection Brush
Customized Selection Brush
From 1px to 200px, a perfect balance between speed and precision
Lasso Tool
Lasso Tool
Precise selection that accounts for even the smallest details
Straighten Line
Guide Line
Draw a line to make quick and easy work of removing objects occupying different backgrounds
Smart Clone Tool
Smart Clone Tool
Clone any object of a photo and modify the edge intelligently
Sampling Stamp Tool
Sampling Stamp Tool
Selects and samples an area of your picture to any other areas
Formats Widely Supported
Formats Widely Supported
Support JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PBM, EXR, etc
Drag & Drop Interface
Drag & Drop Interface
An intuitive design that is easy to operate