How to Remove Beard and Mustache from Photos With 3 Methods

There are times when you have captured an awesome photo, but the only unwanted thing that is causing your photo to look a bit unattractive is the beard and mustache of your subject. Or sometimes, you are curious about how you will look without your beard but you are just not willing to shave it.

In such cases, the only solution is to remove that unwanted facial hair from your subject’s face with the use of a photo editing tool that has the ability to remove unwanted parts or objects from photos.

Hence, in order to make you aware of the required tools, we have listed below the most popular beard remover photo editors that offer the feature of removing beard and mustache from photos.

Remove Beard and Mustache from Photos

Method 1. Remove Beard from Photos Using Jihosoft Photo Eraser

The first tool you can use is Jihosoft Photo Eraser Tool. It is the most simple and effective beard remover photo editor tool that you can use to get rid of facial hair from a picture.

Download Photo Eraser for Windows Download Photo Eraser for Mac

You need to follow the simple and easy steps given below in order to remove beard from pictures with the use of Jihosoft Photo Eraser:

Besides beard removal, there are some other outstanding features that are offered by this tool:

Method 2. How to Remove Beard in Photoshop

When it comes to the professional graphic design software Photoshop, it offers you the required tools that you can use to remove beard from photos. In order to perform this editing operation on your picture, you can follow the steps given below:

Method 3. Use Beard and Mustache Remover Apps

There are also some Remove Beard From Photo apps that you can use to remove mustache from your pictures. Below we are going to mention some of these What Would I Look Like Without A Beard apps that are quite popular in the market:

#1 Remove Object

This Remove Object app is not a specialized beard remover app, but it offers you the Selection Tool and Brush Tool which make it easy for you to select any unwanted part or object in the picture and then remove it successfully. It means that you can use this app to remove mustache from a picture too.

This Remove Object app is not a specialized beard remover app

Below we have listed the most important features of this Android app:

#2 Adobe Photoshop Fix

Another popular application that you can use to remove beard or other undesired objects from your pictures is Adobe Photoshop Fix which is available for Android and iPhone. The app is beginner-friendly also as the interface of it is user-friendly and quite intuitive.

You need to follow the steps given below in order to successfully remove the beard from your picture:

Here are some other useful features of this app:

#3 TouchRemove

It is another image remover app that can be used to remove any unwanted object, including beard and mustache from your pictures. Here are the process to remove unwanted objects with the use of TouchRemove:

Some other useful features that this application comes with are given below:

#4 YouCam Perfect

As one of the best selfie camera and photo editing app, YouCam Perfect also can be used to remove unwanted facial hairs from the pictures, and the process of object removal with this app is very fast and efficient. To remove beard from a photo, you should follow the steps below:

After editing your picture with this app, you can share it with others using social media platforms like Facebook, etc. And this app also offers many other useful features to its users:

#5 Pixel Retouch

This is also a powerful and free Android application that can be used to remove unwanted objects from pictures. The app is simple and easy-to-use as the steps shown below:

This application comes with the features mentioned below:

Final Words

All of the beard and mustache remover tools mentioned above are quite efficient in performing the task of removing beard and mustache from photos. You can make use of any tool that you have access to. But if you need suggestions on which tool to use out of all of the ones mentioned above, we would recommend you use the Jihosoft Photo Eraser Tool. That’s because it is much efficient and easier to use as compared to the other available tools.

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