How to Remove Censored Parts from Photos With 4 Methods

You might have seen a censored photo or video many times on the Television, or the Internet. The main purpose of censoring these media files is to block an objectionable part or to restrict nudity by making certain parts unreadable.

How to Remove Censored Parts from Photos

Usually, two methods are used for censoring the photos viz. by inducing a black (or any other solid color) colored patch on the objectionable areas or by pixelating. Pixelating involves lowering the image resolution of that particular part which results in a blurry or unreadable image. Here is how you can blur your photos.

Many of you might want to know whether it is possible to remove those censored areas from an image. The answer is a big yes! Today we will see some easy methods and censor remover tools that could fix a censored image and provide its uncensored version back.

Let us see these easy methods in detail:

#1 Jihosoft Photo Eraser

Jihosoft has launched an amazing Photo Eraser tool which is loaded with many interesting photo editing features. It is mostly used to erase unwanted objects from photos and duplicate an object in the photos without spoiling the quality of the image. This computer-based software is user-friendly and can be used effectively by even those who are not photo editing experts.

Download Photo Eraser for Windows Download Photo Eraser for Mac

The Jihosoft Photo Eraser comes with a wide array of Selection, Masking, Cloning, and other tools which not only help you erase undesired sections of an image but also help you remove any minor blemishes in the image. You simply need to paint those unwanted parts which you need to wipe out from the image.

Now let us see how to use this application to remove a censored part from a photo through a step-by-step process:

#2 Inpaint

Inpaint is another application similar to Jihosoft Photo Eraser that lets you uncensor photos in a seamless way. By using this application you can revive those parts of an image which are either blurred or hidden by censor boxes. It uses the pixels that surround the censored part in order to restore the image to its original self.

Let us see how we can uncensor photos by using Inpaint:

It works perfectly for the censored areas which are smaller in size but might not prove that effective when used for larger images as the process of extrapolation always works best in a smaller region.

Also, you will not be able to restore the censored parts such as a face or bikini of a model as the image which is censored does not contain data of the face or any of the body parts once they have been censored. Moreover, Inpaint uses the process of cloning to apply a patch from the surrounding parts onto the censored area.

However, there is no need to get upset over it as Inpaint can still eliminate the boxes from labels, logos and other small objects that were censored even after being insignificant.

#3 Adobe Photoshop

Now let us see how to uncensor a picture by using one of the most popular photo editing solutions of recent times. Yes, you guessed it right. The Adobe Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop is an excellent photo editing software with a plethora of editing tools and options. However, you need to practice more in order to master the use of this software effectively.

There are many certification programs that train you to use Adobe Photoshop but you can learn the skills even by watching YouTube tutorials or by asking your friends to teach you. Eventually, by practicing regularly, you will be a master of Photoshop one day. However, you need not be an expert photo editor if you only need to restore the censored images with Photoshop.

Let us see in detail how to use this software to remove censor box and other censored parts from images:

Option 1. How to Remove Censored Parts from Photos

Option 2. How to Remove Blurry Parts from Censored Photos

Many a time, it happens that an image is censored by blurring and not by painting solid colored boxes on certain parts. If this is the case with your censored photo or image, you can try to remove the blur by using Photoshop as well.

#4 Fotophire

Similarly, you can also make use of other online applications and tools to sharpen a blurred image. A good aspect of these applications is that you need not be a skilled photo editor to sharpen a blurred image. One such application that reduces the blurred pixels remarkably is the Wondershare Fotophire Focus that allows you to restore your blurred photo by retouching the blurred portions. Therefore, this application can prove to be ideal for you especially if the censored photo is not heavily blurred or distorted.

Follow these steps to remove the blur from a censored photo by using this cesnsor remover software:

You can now check the final result of the image in that folder. If it is not satisfactory you can try to sharpen it once again to improve the result.

Final Verdict

These are a few methods by which you can remove censored parts from pictures or fix the blurry areas of a censored image. Also, some of the aforementioned methods will help you to remove the censored parts by restoring the pixelated parts. However, removing the censored parts from a photo might not always prove to be a bright idea. Certain photos are blurred or censored to hide nudity or to avoid violation of certain state rules and obligations. Therefore, editing these photos can prove to be an act that violates the copyright of the photo’s owner. Therefore, it is a cool idea to obtain permission from the owner of the photo before using or making any altercations into it.
If you have any confusion regarding any of the methods explained above, you can contact us directly and we will be more than happy to shed some light on the topic. Till then, enjoy your free time and edit the photos to create wonderful moments of fun and joy!

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