How to Remove Watermark, Logo and Date Stamp from Photos?

We are the most photo-loving generation yet and before awesome photo editing softwares came along, we were used to having not so accurate photos. Truth be told, however, photo bombs aren’t always fun and sometimes, you really want to get rid of that odd thing in your beautifully designed photo shot. Things like an annoying watermark/logo in an otherwise perfect piece of photography, or the date stamp in your company photo and epic general nature shot. Those are all the things that you want to remove from your photos.

Remove Watermark, Logo and Date Stamp from Photos

Though the watermark, logo and date stamp features can be easily turned off on the camera, you or someone you know may carelessly took photos that contain the stuffs like watermark, logo and date stamp. Fortunately, there are lots of digital photo editors available in the market that can take the date and time out from the image.

There are several simple techniques to remove undesired objects from your photos and there’s a good option for every platform. And the great Jihosoft Photo Eraser is developed to eliminate unwanted objects from photos on Windows. It helps to you get rid of the dreadful watermarks, logos, and date stamps on your pictures with ease. In this article, we will reveal to you how to erase the undesired elements like watermark, logo and etc from your photos using this watermark remover tool, step by step.

A Helpful Logo, Date Stamp and Watermark Eraser Software

Experts tend to add watermarks to their photographs for copyright designs, for example the shutterstock watermark, but there are times when they might not have kept the initial copy of the picture. So what should they do if they want the first image back, without the watermark? Usually, the original software used to create the watermark, logo and date stamp might not have the characteristics to exclude it, but that’s fine since there is a Jihosoft Photo Eraser option. It will remove shutterstock watermark and other logos from images without ever having to hire a trained professional.

For those who prefer open source designs, Jihosoft Photo Eraser is probably one of the best image editing tools. It’s quite compelling, and users can do a lot of things normally done in other photo editors which are so complicated that it will take you a lot of doing. On top of that, it’s great for removing watermarks from photos, and even repair broken objects like buildings in photos. If there are other stains in your picture, it is capable of wiping it away.

It’s also great for those who’ve never tried to exclude unwanted objects from their images because it has an inbuilt video tutorial that guides you through the entire method. For beginners, the best option is Jihosoft Photo Eraser, which has several intelligent features that help to remove unwanted objects in an image easily. It’s designed to intelligently analyze backgrounds to automatically replace a view after removing an object. Finally, Jihosoft Photo Eraser is feature-packed software which includes tools for removing backgrounds of photos as well as other miscellaneous tasks at no extra charge.

Download Photo Eraser for Windows Download Photo Eraser for Mac

How to Erase the Date Stamp, logo and Watermark from Photos?

You see a detailed image design that will really fit in your design but the watermark and logo on it must be removed. So you’re wondering how to remove watermark and logo from a photo leaving the smooth and clean surface. Jihosoft Photo Eraser offers you a swift and easy solution to make your photos free from unspecified unwanted elements, including watermarks, logotypes, text labels, and so on.

Step 1. Run the program and import your photo that include the unwanted watermark, logo or date stamp that you want to erase.

Erase the Date Stamp, logo and Watermark from Photos

Step 2. From the toolbar placed on the left side of the program interface, simply select the tool you want to use to eliminate the watermark. The Rectangle Selection/Lasso Selection/Polygon Selection tool lets you use a triangular/polygon shape to cover the areas that contain undesired objects, as you can see from the picture below, which is the reason why this tool can help you exclude date stamp or logo from photos in just a few flashes.

Erase the Date Stamp, logo and Watermark from Photos

Alternatively, you can use the Selection Brush tool to do that attentively, but you must make sure that the Brush Size slider is modified to the suitable size to let the brush cover the unwanted area easily. Using a too large or a too small stroke may lower the quality of the erasing result.

Step 3. After you’ve made sure that the date stamp is correctly chosen, click on the Erase button and the software will erase the elements you’ve marked intelligently.

Erase the Date Stamp, logo and Watermark from Photos

Watermark and logo are often very big, covering important details of the original photo, and eliminating it usually requires a lot of manual work. You only need to select the watermark and logo area roughly, and the program will analyze the range and clean it from the watermark overlay. It needs only a couple of easy changes for outputting clean, ready-for-use photos and images.


The Jihosoft Photo Eraser tool helps to spend a minimum of your time for the regular job of image editing. It is an affordable assistant for individual and professional needs. You are welcome to test its innovative characteristics using a free trial version which lets you to try all the features included in the program without any limitation.

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