Photo Eraser Product FAQ

Answers to common questions.

Q: What’s The Difference Between The Trial Version And The Full Version?
A: The trial version allows you to eraser any unwanted objects from photos, and all the features in the full version can also be accessed in the trial version. The only difference between the trial version and the full version is that the trial version will save your edited photo with a Jihosoft watermark. If you want to get rid of that watermark, you have to upgrade to the full version.
Q: Why I Can’t Erase The Unwanted Object Perfectly?
A: The erase result does depend very much on the complexity of the image background and the size of the object you’re trying to remove. It is recommended to brush and apply the “Erase” button to each object on by one, rather than trying to remove all objects at once.
Q: Why The Program Produces Different Results Every Time I Erase The Same Object?
A: Each erase procedure is unique, so you'll get a slightly different result each time you apply the "Erase" button. As sometimes the object will not be erased perfectly just one time, try to erase the object bit by bit, and you will get surprisingly great results.