How Do I Remove Unwanted Persons and Tourists from Photos?

If you like travelling and taking pictures souvenir to capture the moments of the excellent memories, you may always find that inevitably you will come across a scenario where there is someone that sneaks into your image that you either missed or cannot control. Or the thing that spoils your photographs could also be a tree branch, a dust spot on your lens, or in this case, a distracting marking on the wall of a building. So we have to edit the unwanted people out of the picture.

Remove Unwanted Persons and Tourists from Photos

While lots of editing softwares are there to do the job for you, many of us may think Photoshop is the best choice to remove unwanted items from photos. But Photoshop requires a good PC hardware and Photoshop knowledge to do that.

But with Jihosoft Photo Eraser you will never face that problem again. This auto photo eraser enables you to quickly and easily remove tourists and crowds from photos. It does what its name states, works flawlessly in erasing unwanted persons, watermarks, skin blemishes and other items from the photos.

Jihosoft Photo Eraser is having a neat user interface with a few important tools in the toolbar. The toolbar is on the left side of the application, it consists of a few useful tools for erasing unwanted stuffs and enhancing the photos.

Download Photo Eraser for Windows Download Photo Eraser for Mac

Here are the various tools that are included in the Photo Eraser software:

Steps to Edit Someone Out of a Photo

  1. Download Jihosoft Photo Eraser from the bottom above, and install it according to the operating system in your PC. This software is available for both Windows and Mac.
  2. After installation is complete, run the software and when the application opens up click the ‘Select Photo’ for selecting a single photo or ‘Select Folder’ for selecting an entire folder from your PC. By this way, you can import the photo that include a persons that you want to remove.
    Import Photos.
  3. After the photo is opened in the application, click on the ‘Selection Brush Tool’ from the application toolbar, it looks like a pencil with a ‘+’ sign on it. Then brush over the unwanted person with this tool, even you can adjust the size of the brush according to the size of the unwanted item by using brush size slider or you can even zoom in or zoom out the photo instead.
    Select Unwanted Persons and Tourists.
  4. After the selection process is done perfectly, just click on the ‘Erase’ button and wait for the processing to be completed. It usually takes a few moments, depending on the complexity of the unwanted area.
    Erase Unwanted Persons and Tourists
  5. Now your unwanted persons are removed from the photo, repeat this above process on all other photos with unwanted tourists or crowds to remove from.

It’s also worth noting that try to erase tourists from photos bit by bit without rushing to remove all the persons at once. Normally, you will get a better result by removing it slowly than removing the whole item at a time.


We definitely recommend this software, which you can download this software for both Windows and Mac from the link provided above. This software is initially available for a free trial, you can even buy the full software if you are satisfied with the erase result by using the trial version.

You will have all the tools and features in the free trial which are present in the paid version. The only difference between the free and trial versions is that while saving the edited photo you will have the software watermark. And in the Paid version you can save the edited photos without the watermark of this software.

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