HD Video Converter Product FAQ

Answers to common questions.

Q: Why I can’t type anything into the registration window?
A: Only the full version allows registration. If the registration email and code fields are greyed out, it hints the version you are using is not the full version. Please check the order confirmation email you received and download the full version of this program from the link given. After that, register the program with the license info sent to you.

Can’t find the full version download URL? Please contact our customer support via support@jihosoft.com
Q: How to improve the output video’s quality?
A: * If your original video is high definition, choose HD formats as the output.

* If your original video is not high definition, please customize the output video's resolution and bit rate higher. Simply click on the "Settings" button beside "Profile". To improve the parameters, for instance, you set the resolution higher, then you should set the bit rate higher accordingly.