Jihosoft Phone Transfer User Guide

Jihosoft Phone Transfer provides one-click solution to transfer data between Android and iOS device, and even backup and restore your phone data effortlessly. It is very easy to use. Once you download the Phone Data Transfer and complete the installation process, you should see its primary window as follow:

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone


Connect Two of Your Devices to Computer

On the homepage, click the “Phone to Phone” tab and use USB cables to connect your two devices (Android or iOS) to the computer. Once your devices are connected and detected by Phone Transfer, you’ll get an interface as below.

Tip 1: To transfer with an iOS device, please make sure the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer;
Tip 2: To transfer with an Android phone, please turn on USB debugging mode on the device. Or you can click “Use Wi-Fi Connect” at the right corner and follow the on-screen instructions to connect Android with Wi-Fi;


Set the Target Phone and Choose File Types

Click “Flip” to set the source and target device. Data on your source phone that can be transferred are listed, such as contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, etc. Check those you want to move to another phone.


Start to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone

After that, click on “Start Copy” to begin the data transfer progress. The selected files would be fully copied to the destination phone within a while. When the transfer progress is completed, please click on the “OK” button.

Tip 3: To transfer SMS to Android, you will be asked to use Mobile Manager instead of Messaging as your SMS app. Just tap “Yes” on your target Android phone or the program will skip copying SMS;
Tip 4: To transfer SMS to iPhone, your device will be restarting after syncing. Just tap “slide to upgrade” on your phone and enter the passcode to set up it.

Part 2: How to Backup Android/iPhone to Computer


Connect Your Android or iPhone to Computer

Click the “Backup Your Phone” tab to open the backup window and connect your Android or iPhone to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. The program will list the device as “Source” phone once detected it.


Backup Your Android/iPhone Data to Computer

Now select the contents you want to backup and click on “Start Copy”, then choose the location to save your phone data. Your Android or iPhone data will be quickly copied to computer for safe backup and easy viewing.

Part 3: How to Restore Data from Backups to Phone


Choose a Backup to Restore to Your Phone

Jihosoft Phone Transfer now supports restoring phone data from iTunes, Phone Transfer, Phone Recovery, and Phone Manager backup files. In the “Restore Data” section, select the backup option you want to restore data from.


Connect Your Android or iPhone to Computer

Connect a phone, whether an Android or an iPhone, to the computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Once the device is successfully detected by the program, it will be listed as the “Destination”.


Select Backup File and Contents to Transfer

The software will automatically detect all backup files on this computer. Select the one that you wish to restore to your phone from the drop-down list, then mark the contents you want to copy to Android or iPhone.


Restore Data from Backup to Android or iPhone

After that, click on “Start Copy” to transfer data from backup to your target phone. When finish, click “OK”, now you should be able to see backup contents on your Android or iPhone.

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