How to Transfer Samsung Galaxy S3 Pictures to PC

Sometimes, to save those precious moments and free up space on your Samsung Galaxy S3, you will need to transfer your photos from your device to computer. And the Samsung Galaxy S3 enables you to transfer photos to PC in two ways: via USB or Samsung Kies.

Transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 to computer with USB cable

1. Connect the Galaxy S3 to computer using USB cable that came with the phone.
On the phone’s screen, a message will appear informing you that you have connected to the computer.

2. Select “MTP” connection mode.
Drag down the “Connected as Media Device” notification area and select the option “Media device (MTP)” to use Windows Explorer to manually transfer media files between your phone and the computer.

3. Transfer Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures to PC.
After successfully connected to computer, your Galaxy S3 should automatically pop up in “Computer” section, browse the “DCIM” folder to drag and drop you camera pictures to a specific folder on your computer.

Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC with Samsung Kies

1. Set USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S3.
Enable USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3, then connect it to the computer using the included USB cable.

2. Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to Kies.
Open Kies on your PC, the program will automatically connect your phone with it. After connected, the main information of your phone will appear in the main screen of Kies.

3. Transfer pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC.
Click the “Photos” option in the left-hand column, then all the photos on your phone will display in thumbnail in the right-hand column by file name, resolution, date modified and file size.
Check the photos you want to transfer to computer, then hit the “Save” icon to transfer S3 photos to local PC.

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