6 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites to Find Your Favorite Torrents 2019

You must have heard about the torrent files, then what about the term “torrent sites”? Well, in fact “torrent search engine sites” may be more suitable to describe it for your better understanding. As its name suggests, torrent search engine sites just behave as the search engine for users finding their wanted torrent files easily. With these torrent search engines, you can search for thousands of torrent files.

Torrent Search Engine Sites

So, next in this article we will discuss about the top 6 torrent search engine sites which will help you search for your desired torrent files in just a few clicks. You don’t have to go elsewhere to find the torrent files you want wasting much time or download torrent search engine apps taking up space!

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These torrent search engine sites come into the limelight when FBI nabbed the operators of KAT. The torrent search engine doesn’t have any torrent files contained in it. Instead, it’s regarded as an interface or intermedium between users and torrent files. The best 6 torrent search engine sites are listed as follows:

1) Torrents.me

Torrents.me is the most popular torrent search engine which is different from any other BitTorrent-related websites. First of all, it displays the torrents based on the user’s most common search queries, which make you see torrent files at a glance while there are extensive lists of torrents on its homepage. Second, its UI is so neat and clean that related torrent sites are divided into different categories and you won’t be bothered by any ads.

Torrents.me is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

2) Torrentz2

This is another torrent search engine site which comes with an onion version for users who want to access it over Tor. Torrentz2 is just the replacement of the site Torrentz which is now offline. Besides, “bug fixes” of this new version also makes it a better choice over the defunct site. By Torrentz2, you can search for your favorite torrent files among over 61 million torrent files sourced from 90 plus torrent sites.

Torrentz2 is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

3) Toorgle

Next one you should add in your list of the best torrent search engine sites is Toorgle. Its interface looks like Google at the first sight, but please don’t get confused. Just like Torrentz2, Toorgle also has torrent search bar on its homepage from where a user can search for her/his desired torrent files very easily.

Toorgle is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

Talking about the user interface which it offers to its users seems to be little unusual as compared to the above-mentioned torrent search engine sites. But this is where the main point lies. If a website has a lightweight low level user interface, it is able to deliver the results to its users even in slow connections too. And Toorgle is just capitalizing this fact on their website’s interface.

4) TorrentSeeker

Apart from its algorithm, it uses custom Google Search to scrap torrents from over 100 torrent sites. You can feel that its interface is not much attracting when you use this site. But as mentioned in the previous site, low level interface will offer better results for the users even in the slow connections. Fortunately, the look and feel of its homepage are pleasing.

TorrentSeeker is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

5) Veoble

Its black-colored homepage looks very attractive and it also uses custom Google Search which gives the filtered searched results from over 100 torrent websites and provides torrent search and image search options to the users. Besides, it is gaining popularity among the users quite rapidly.

Veoble is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

6) Xtorx

Last but not the least, Xtorx can be found almost anywhere as it’s highly relevant for the users. You can find the torrent search results instantly but without filtering, which could make you headache. But fortunately, every searched result has a unique URL with it and you will be taken to another torrent site after you click on that URL.

Xtorx is one of the best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2019.

So, if you think it is troublesome to download torrent search engine apps, you can choose one of the above 6 torrent search engines based on your needs and preferences, and have a try!

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