How to Repair and Fix Broken AVI File

AVI, shorted for Audio Video Interleave, is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. Today AVI files are commonly used. However, like most things that are computer-based, AVI files are easily to becoming corrupt and broken. For example:

“I got an .avi movie file which doesn’t play smoothly. I’m frustrated because it starts and stops within 2 secs. Anyone know a good program I can use to fix it?

Actually, we’ve all had it happen. You have an AVI file and go to play, only to find that it’s got a corrupted index, or bad frames, or other such flaws. The error in playing an AVI file is frustrating and annoying. Are you looking for a way to repair broken AVI file? Well you have come to the right place. Here we will share two ways you can try with a broken or corrupt AVI file.

Option 1: Repair Broken AVI File with VLC

VLC offers an easy way to repair broken AVI file. When you try to play a broken AVI file with VLC, there will be a dialog box appears. Just the select the repair option to fix broken AVI file.

Option 2: Fix Broken AVI with Jihosoft AVI Repair

With VLC, the AVI index is repaired but the results are not stored. This means you have to repair the index every time you open the file. To repair broken AVI permanently, you’d better use Jihosoft AVI Repair. This Broken AVI File Repair tool provides easy way to fix broken AVI files that won’t play. The fixed AVI file can be previewed.

Download AVI Repair for Windows Download AVI Repair for Mac

Guide on How to Repair Broken AVI File

1. Run Jihosoft AVI Repair and import the broken .avi file that needs to be repaired.
2. Choose Normal or Advance option to fix broken AVI file, then click “Repair”. If you choose the Normal mode, you need to add a good AVI file for reference.
3. Once the repair is done, you can preview the fixed AVI video. If satisfied with the results, click “Save” to save the repaired AVI file to your target folder.

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