How to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Optimus

Accidentally deleted valuable photos and videos from your LG Optimus Android phone, and want to get them back? Don’t feel frustrated. Now you are in the right place. You can use Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac which is specially designed for LG Optimus Photo Recovery. By using it, you are able to recover deleted or lost photos from LG Optimus without any quality loss.

This LG Optimus Photo Recovery helps in recovering photos and videos from all LG Optimus phones, such as, Optimus G, Optimus G Pro, Optimus L9, Optimus F7, and more LG mobile phones like LG Mach, LG Venice, LG Escape, LG Spectrum, LG Splendor, LG Intuition, LG Motion, etc.

Recover Photos from LG Optimus within 3 Simple Steps

Before performing photo recovery for LG Optimus, you should stop using the phone to capture photos or record videos to avoid data overwriting.

Step 1: Download Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac

Free download the latest version of LG Optimus Photo Recovery. The software supports recovering deleted photos, videos music files from LG Optimus. Then install and run it on your Mac OS.

Download Photo Recovery for Windows Download Photo Recovery for Mac

Step 2: Scan Deleted Files on LG Optimus Phone

Connect your LG Optimus phone to the computer. Click on “Refresh Drivers” and choose LG Optimus drive letter. Then click “Start Scan” to scan for recoverable photos from LG Optimus.

Note: On your LG Optimus Android phone, turn on USB mode to set the USB as mass storage when connected to computer.

Step 3: Retrieve Deleted Photos from LG Optimus

After a while, you will be presented with the deleted files scanned from LG Optimus. Preview and mark the files you want to get back. Then click “Recover” to undelete photos from LG Optimus.

Tip: Don’t save the recovered photos and videos on your LG Optimus or its memory card again. You’d better find another place for them like on your computer or other external disk for safety’s sake.

Extend Knowledge: Why LG Optimus Photo Recovery is Possible?

When photos, videos or music files got deleted from LG Optimus phone, they are not permanently erased. Those deleted files just become invisible and the place that they occupied is marked as available for new files. Actually, the deleted photos and videos can be easily retrieved until they are overwritten by other new files.

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