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Nowadays, Japan anime is gaining a lot of fans in American and European both countries. However, most of the series are solely accessible online. Therefore so as to look at latest updates or realize the gathering you wish, a prime quality anime web site which will offer you numerous collections and have latest follows is incredibly necessary.

Now, by fans choice, a number of the anime website stood out and become the go-to website for western anime fans for they provide the fans a pleasant observation expertise. Next, 10 high anime websites are listed for your reference.

If you are a crazy anime lover and you want some information about the best anime sites, you are in the right place.

In this article, you will get to know every bit of the anime world, which includes pros and cons too. Everything comes with some drawbacks. Same is with the world of Anime. It has got some good as well as wrong sides. If you are a true anime lover, you can still accept Anime the way it is. Here you will get to know every answer to your question which you had hidden inside yourself for so long.

Essential Features of Anime sites:

Everything in this world comes with one feature or more. Elements are the most attractive points in the thing. Like every other thing in this world, anime sites come with a list of features which makes Anime famous among the youths and generation. Some of the essential elements to attract the viewers are:

The types include horror, thriller, romantic, adventurous, comedy, war, magic, fiction and also cartoons. All people of this massive population around the world have different tastes in videos. So the site should have all types of videos not to dishearten the viewers.

The above features can help any anime site gain a considerable number of viewers within a short period. You must choose a site of animation if it covers all the above points or at least some of them.

Free Anime sites to watch your favourite Anime:


In the first place, you can take Crunchyroll. It is smart enough to attract most of the viewers very quickly. You can get a vast collection of anime videos on this site. You can adjust the language according to your suit will.



Crunchyroll is smart enough to attract most of the viewers very quickly.


It has got a significant number of anime videos from all around the world. Moreover, it can give you the option of following some people online. It a community-oriented site.



Anime-Planet has got a significant number of anime videos from all around the world.


This website provides free contents. Animelab has got a big collection of anime videos on the internet. Though the site mainly focuses on the languages of New Zealand and Australia. The website deals with some serious content like that of LGBT and romance, relations, actions and many more rigid materials.



4.Horrible subs

The horrible subs play a very significant role in the life of an anime lover. It is the only actual site that provides video contents of Anime for free of cost. This anime site is straightforward to use.




It is an old website of Anime. It has got old as well as new collections of anime videos. It has a translated version of its magazine in the American version. It has a small library full of old anime videos.

VIZ has got old as well as new collections of anime videos.


It is another website that provides a vast collection of anime videos worldwide. At first, it was a part of the Crunchyroll, later on, they got distributed. This website of anime videos is now in a team-up with the Sony pictures television.



Funimation is another website that provides a vast collection of anime videos worldwide.

7.Anime Simple

This app gives the users free contents. It keeps old and new collections of videos. The app is contributing to taking Anime to the next level.


This app has a massive number of anime videos worldwide. They provide the proper translations of the Japanese versions of anime series.




As the name suggests, you can quickly get anime videos in this app with proper dubbed versions for your convenience.




Otter Media is the present owner of this website and app. You can get easy access to all categories of anime videos online on this page. It is one of the best streaming apps for anime lovers. Besides animation, you can even get other types of videos on this website. It is a perfect choice for all the animation lovers.

The above websites were the sources of the world of animation. You can visit these sites for more details, if you are new to this World. You must be aware of all the pros and cons are given above in this article and then make a choice.

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GoGo anime is another great source for people who don’t want to pay for watching anime online. There are a variety of shows that you can watch online free of charge. The best part of this site is that it offers such free content that other sites do not provide. You can stream your favorite content and anime collections based on different manga outlets and genres.

GoGo anime is another great source for people who don't want to pay for watching anime online.


Following anime rapid growth study, Netflix took no time to launch anime streaming online. Netflix now has a vast anime library to choose from, which includes dubbed and subbed anime. There’s a lot of popular anime available that you’d love to watch. The best quality of Netflix comes when you don’t have any advertisements to bother you when watching your favorite shows. It has good content with HD and 4K quality sponsored for most shows and anime.


Chia-Anime is a great option for you to watch subbed anime. The app is available in different countries and even works well on the phone compared to the web browser. Chia-anime has a mixture of old and fresh anime that you’re eager to watch. Chia has the best anime material as they have a range of genres such as yuri, shounen, action, fantasy, isekai, tits and more.

Chia-Anime is a great option for you to watch subbed anime.

14. Anime Rhino

Anime Rhino is a strange name, but the fans love it. The page has a wide range of collections to choose from. Surf through thousands of dubbed and subbed movies and anime on computers and smartphones without any paying registrations. You’re going to love their material as there’s a great mix of anime on this page.

15. Darkanime Stream

Darkanime.Stream is the name you can trust for quality content. The page comes with a huge range that has over 100 online series that you can watch. It’s available in most countries so you can watch your favorite anime no matter where you’re in the world.


Hulu is another popular site that has been overtaken by many TV service providers. It has some anime that is available on Funimation, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. You can apply to Hulu’s anime packages that are available at a monthly service fee of $5.99. If you’re a movie fan, you need to dig deeper, because there’s an enormous amount of resources and anime series selection on Hulu, and that doesn’t mean you can’t find the file you need, but the number of anime is poured without any count.


They compete with Crunchyroll and Funimation and try to make themselves equal to these giants. This page has a low price on its subscriptions, which beats rivals. Simulcast for subscribers is a service that is really on the charm of this website.

18. Anime Rebel

Anime Rebel is a free site that has an anime subbed in the library. There’s a huge collection of genres to choose from, and you just need to check your age before accessing this website. Don’t try to hit a long year, or you’re going to be shut out. This page is a great source to get the new anime, but you’ve got to remember that I’ve got age restrictions.

19. Kick-Ass Anime

As the name says, the best place to watch your favorite shows online. Layout and smooth communication will make you love this place. The anime on this page includes a short description so that you can find the specifics of the anime you are going to watch. But, it’s got a countdown timer to let you know what the next episode is.

20. Anime Dao

AnimeDao is a good source to watch for free subbed content. There are spot-on subs for a new anime on this page. The search function of this website operates on top-notch to make sure that you get your favorite shows free of charge. Faster loading makes the viewer’s choice more appealing.

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No matter what your final option on the anime page is, I just hope this post will give you some ideas while you’re having trouble looking for to watch your favorite anime.

And if you have any other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and you are welcome to discuss it with all readers alike.

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