Top 10 free Old Ringtones that Sound Like Real Phones 2019

First of all, we need to discuss why people need to change their ringtones in the mobile phone? the answer is very simple, many people got fed up from the default of the ringtones or you have noticed many times in the public once the iPhone ringtone sounds then in near other people those have iPhone they also start checking their mobiles phones just because of default ringtone of every iPhone always same

In this modern era changing of the Ringtone of the mobile is the quite easy,but lots of people face difficulty during changing the Ringtone in the mobile phone especially the iPhone users face difficulty because of security setting the new Ringtone in iPhone is difficult, it is possible because of some tricks.

Nowadays over the internet you can get thousands of the ringtones , you can use any of them on your mobile phone. In this article we are going to mentioned the top 10 Ringtones those are awesome, scroll down and explore.

1.Universal Hollywood Phone Ring:

You have probably listen to this Ringtone before; this tone was used in the plethora of old T.V. shows. This Ringtone is classics like the famous Magnum P.I. andLeave it to Beaver as well as it is used along with the movies like Ghost busters. This tone was used for phone ringing on the screen. This tone is very famous and functional.

2. Classic U.K. Ringtone:

If you love to listen to the European flavor ringtones, then you should need to try this Ringtone. This Ringtone is consisted on the double tones rings. If it plays then literally its sound is more classier than any ordinary ringtone.

3. High Pitched Retro Rings:

If you are looking for the Ringtone that will help you to don’t miss your vintage, then you should have to try this tone. This tone has high pitched, and it has a powerful sound that can pierce the ears of any person staying nearby. These types of ringtones are especially using for the alarms because of their high pitched, the people who have to get up early or they have to set their schedule then they can fix this Ringtone as an alarm.

4. General Retro Ring:

This ring tone is not using in any particular mobile phone or in any device, but if we are thinking about the quality of this ring tone, then this tone is more classical than the standard ringtones. No doubt it is not available as built-in, but you can add this manually.

5. Austin Powers / Our Man Flint Phone Ring:

If you want to feel like a pseudo secret agent then you should need to listen this Ringtone. The Austin Powers introduced this Ringtone. The one more thing is that this Ringtone is extracted from the movie the year 1966 Our Man Flint, which was the fabulous movie of that time. If you see this movie, you have noticed that this Ringtone have sounded Many times in the film.

6. 24′ sCTU Ringtone:

The 24 CTU’s ringtone is taking from the season that name is 24, in the season the Protagonist Jack Bauer was working for the Counter Terrorist Unit also called the CTU, that’s why this tone called 24’s 24’s CTU Ringtone. This Ringtone sounds much time in this season, especially when the Jack do the work if you listen to this Ringtone we can get you will enjoy a lot.

7. JurrasicPark 3 Satellite Ringtone:

This Ringtone is for those people who like to listen to the scary ringtones. The Jurrasic Park 3 is the famous Hollywood movie, in this movie a dinosaur has swallowed a mobile phone and after sometimes the actors in the movie become scary when they listen the ringtone sound from the belly of the dinosaur, as they hear the Ringtone turn around they have noticed that this sound is coming from the inside of the Dinosaur.

8. Geico Boss’s Ring a Ding Dong:

Geico is the most famous in the commercial ads and it is considered as one of the best Ringtone over the internet. Brands and business corporations using this Ringtone in their commercial ads. The Gecko boss has shown off his boring and ordinary ringtones in front of the person who is describing who much great Geicois, and when the Gecko plays the hoppin beat, then his phone got to break. The hoppin ringtone is the best Ringtone even today.

9. Paul Blart: Mall Cop’s Ringtone:

The 2009 movie Paul Brat Mall Cop was not much funny movie if you watch this movie then you should have noticed it, but in some scenes of this movie you will laugh such as in this movie the Paul Brat bought a cell phone but he does not know how to change the Ringtone of the cell phone. He tries many times, and finally he set a ringtone that name is My Bubble Gum, this Ringtone sounds whenever he gets any calls.

10. NOKIA tone:

The most used Ringtone in the world is NOKIA tone. This ring tone is the classiest Ringtone of the world. Many people in the world have started their cell phone journey from Nokia mobile phones. The sound of this Ringtone is pretty good and near. If you set this Ringtone as an alarm then seriously you will never be late. The Nokia company has done many upgrades in this Ringtone. Such as they have added the piano sound and dubstep mix in this Ringtone, but you know well the original is always original, no other ringtones of the Nokia has beat the fan base of the first Nokia ring tone. Many people still like the Nokia tones however they are using the android of I.O.s mobile phones, but they have set the Nokia tones in their phone as a call tone and message tone.

More Retro Ringtones:

If you don’t like any vintage ringtone from the above mention3d listed, then you don’t need to worry. You can find the lots of vintage ringtones in the Beepzoid vintage phone ringtone page. The only issue is that on this page the ringtones are not mentioned with the name they are mentioned in the label such as Ringtone # 1, Ringtone # 2, and etc. It is very hard to find the desired Ringtone by the labels so you have to check the and listen to each the tone one by one and it is not guaranteed that you will like any ringtone. We suggest you use search engines for finding the ringtones, if you type the best ringtones in the search engine then many top rated websites will open those are providing the ringtones.

How to set the Ringtone in the phone:

For setting the Ringtone you first need to choose the new retro Ringtone. After choosing now, you can set in your phone. First of the do the right click on the Ringtone and then click on the save as option, now you can save it at any location of your computer or laptop. After this now it’s time to set the Ringtone in the mobile phone. There are different methods for both android and IOS. The procedures for setting the Ringtone in both mobiles are mentioned below.

Set Ringtone in Android:

There are many ways for setting the Ringtone in the android mobile phones, instead of discussing all the ways we will teach you the best and easiest way. You need to use the software push bullet for sending the from computer to android phone. Once you submit the ringtones in the phone, then go the file manager of the phone and move all the ringtones files from downloads to the ringtone folder. The ringtones will start appearing the in ringtone folder now go to the settings then click on the sounds after that ringtones will show on the screen choose one of them and set that as the call ringtone or alarm ringtone it’s up to you.

Many people don’t like to use the pushbullet because of the virus spreading and malware spreading, then you can use the cloud storage for transferring the file from computer to mobile. First of all upload all ringtones on the cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, one drive and etc.) then download all the ringtones from the cloud storage and for setting the Ringtone to do the same procedure as we discussed above.

You can also send the ringtones from the computer to mobile via data cables or USB cables. You know what through this you can directly send the ringtones to the ringtone folder through the computer, with the help of USB cable you can explore the mobile storage.

Set the Ringtone on the iPhone:

Unluckily we cannot set the Ringtone in the IOS mobiles easily because of security restrictions. It is possible to set the Ringtone manually, but it is very hard work, and it is possible using different tricks. We will guide you properly about how you can set the Ringtone in the IOS mobile phones easily, if you follow those steps then you can set the Ringtone without facing any problem.

Old Ringtones vs. New Ringtones:

Many people in the world have favorites on the old movie soundtracks, and some of them love to listen to the new generation songs. Similarly, lots of people love vintage songs, and they set the vintage or retro songs as their Ringtone, on the other hand, today’s young generation love the fast beat, loud pitch ringtones. The retro or vintage tones have their fan base; lots of people are using retro sounds as their caller tones and alarms. The retro ringtones are available for every category such as if you like gaming then you can find the gaming retro ringtones.

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