How to Fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working with 5 Methods

When you’re encountering a problem on your Mac computer and want to describe it to someone else, a screenshot will save you a lot of words. However, many people have reported the issue of screenshot on Mac not working, which is a disaster to the productivity and efficiency of their work. Don’t worry. You have landed the right place to learn how to fix screenshot on Mac not working quickly and easily.

Screenshot on Mac Not Working

Part 1. How to Take Screenshots on Mac with Shortcuts

Just like taking screenshots on Windows, a lot of users print screen on Mac every day. When we talk about the issue of screenshot on Mac not working, it is almost all on taking screenshots with shortcuts.

Check the default screenshot shortcuts on Mac to make you have used them correctly:

Part 2. How to Fix Screenshot on Mac Not Working

If you’re sure that you are pressing the right shortcuts for screenshot, please keep reading to fix the issue with 5 tips.

Tip 1. Make Sure Your Keyboard Functions Normally

Nowadays, people replace their computers and peripherals much more frequently than a decade ago. However, in case your keyboard has served you for a few years, you’re suggested check if any of the involved key is faulty. If the keyboard is working well, then you can move on.

Make Sure Your Keyboard Functions Normally

Tip 2. Check Screenshot Shortcut Settings

As listed in Part 1, there several default shortcuts for taking screenshots on Mac. When none of them works for you, it may be time to check if the shortcuts have been altered.

As a daily utility, screenshot shortcut should be as easy to remember as possible for you. If you’re new to Mac or just changed the default settings, it will take you sometime to get used to them.

Tip 3. Restart Your Mac Computer

Mac screenshot not working could be a temporary issue which will disappear after rebooting.

A lot of computer problems are fixed after a simple rebooting, because the it puts an end to the possible software confliction.

Tip 4. Reset NVRAM on Mac

NVRAM, short for Nonvolatile Random-Access Memory, is responsible for controlling the internal settings of your Mac. In case screenshot on Mac is still not working after rebooting, you may reset NVRAM.

Note: On different versions of Mac computer, you may need to press and hold the four keys together up to 20 seconds. You may refer to the official guide by Apple.

Tip 5. Check Dropbox Settings

If Dropbox is installed on your Mac, the screenshots might be saved to your Dropbox rather than the local disk of your computer.

Part 3. How to Screenshot on Mac without Shortcut

In case your keyboard is faulty physically or the above methods don’t work for you, you may try other methods to take screenshots on Mac.

Method 1. Use the Grab Utility

Grab is a pre-installed utility on Mac which is able to print a selected section of the screen.

Method 2. Use the Preview Feature

Preview is the default tool for image viewing and editing. You can also take screenshots on Mac with it.

These two methods require several clicks to take screenshots on Mac, but they are still very useful when screenshot on Mac not working with shortcuts.

Pro tips: When you take a screenshot on Mac, it may be stored on the clipboard or the local disk for further use. It is important to keep the screenshots properly to avoid wasting time and effort. In case you lose or delete screenshots on Mac, don’t hesitate to use Jihosoft Photo Recovery to get them back. It also works for recovering photos from digital camera.

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In this tutorial, we have learnt how to fix screenshot not working on Mac problem. Hopefully, the issue on your MacBook or iMac has been resolved. Even if there is physical damage on the keyboard or problems that cannot be fixed temporarily, you can also take screenshots on Mac with the other two methods mentioned above. Feel free to share us your opinions or questions in the comment.

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