10 Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV in 2019

Movies and web series are the primary source of entertainment in the present era. To fulfill all the demands of video content, there are several video streaming sites present on the web. Einthusan is one of the popular video streaming sites that offers online movies in many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Chinese, and many others. The best part of this streaming site is that it is entirely free to use, and the user need not pay to buy any premium subscription or for any plan. As compared to other subscription-based websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is the best platform to search and watch your favorite movies in the desired language.

It is the biggest hub for South Asian collection of movies. Moreover, it has more than 5000 legally licensed movies which are an aid to the world of entertainment and fun. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. If you don’t want to watch ads then you can subscribe to its premium version for a lifetime in just $25. It has everything that you demand from a video streaming website.

Though it is a perfect website for streaming movies, it has been seen that the site is found down in some Asian countries. This is because of some of the DNS provider which has blocked this website. For this, you can go for similar websites to stream unlimited movies. In this article, 10 alternatives to Einthusan is listed, which will help you to select the best streaming website for watching movies and other videos.

Einthusan website is undoubtedly having the best collection of a different kind of Indian Bollywood as well as other popular Hollywood movies of all time. Though the developers and owners of this website claim that the content available on this website is 100 percent legal, this is not the actual truth. Einthusan is violating the terms of copyrights and other rules of keeping the content on its website. And that is probably the main reason why it got banned in India as well as other Great countries as well. However, the content available on this website is just magnificent. There are so many dubbed Bollywood movies available in many Indian Regional Languages.

Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV.

Einthusan Login

The foremost and the best thing about this website is that there is ad-free streaming of movies on this website which makes this website an excellent option for the users. And to get this experience for free, users are required to register themselves on this website by creating their account for free. You will get a personalized experience as soon as you have logged in yourself on the Einthusan website.

Einthusan App

We have observed that the majority of the users are keen to know about that if there is any application of Einthusan website which is available on the official Google Play Store or not. So, unfortunately, there is no such app which has been launched by the developers of the Einthusan website till now. But there is a possibility that they will release an app on the Google Play Store very soon. However, if you search for the Einthusan on Google Play Store, then you will find irrelevant searches there. That’s why we are appealing our users not to download any kind of irrelevant app from Google Play Store because it might threaten your privacy as well.

Einthusan Downloader

You have observed that most of the websites claim that they are having the original movie links from Einthusian website. But as a matter of fact, those all websites are fake and there are no such links which they have with them. All those websites are spam and are only meant to threaten the user’s privacy. So, just stay away from these spammers and only download movies and other content from the original Einthusan website.

Is Einthusan Legal?

Most of the users are pretty much confused about whether the Einthusan website is legal or not. As we already mentioned above, the developers of this website claim that the content available on this website is 100 percent permissible and authorized. But if we think deeper, then we will observe that if the content is authorized and legal, then why this website got banned in many countries, including India.

That’s why this question is very tricky because the developers claim that it (Einthusan website) is legal, but the original scenario is far different than expected. However, it does not matter whether the Einthusan website is legitimate or not because the content of this website can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a VPN.

So, if you are a citizen of India and want to access this website on your device, then you need to enable the VPN in your device to set a location where this website is not blocked. There are no such hard restrictions imposed by the ISP’s to access this website. Just use VPN in your device and set the location outside of India because the Einthusan website is currently blocked in India.

1. Box TV

Box TV is a popular website rendering a large database of all types of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, web series, and other video content. However, it provides a premium based video streaming service which means you need to pay to access its content. Apart from the website, it can also be used using its mobile application which is available for the iOS and Android devices. You can also watch sound Indian movies on this website. The interface of this website is very interactive and transparent. You can enjoy your movie experience without finding any obstructions due to ads or pop-ups.

2. Hotstar

Hotstar, one of the leading video streaming website of India, is a wonderful platform for entertainment and video exploring experience. You can install its mobile application for iOS and Android devices for free but have to go for in-app purchases to access all its content. It is a popular job for all types of movies, sports, drama, and other video content. It also offers Hindi TV series and live TV with a premium subscription. You have to buy its subscription for $9.99 per month to stream videos using PC. This website is available in India, USA, Canada, and the UK. It contains all its content in 9 different languages, including Hindi and English.

Hotstar is one of the leading video streaming website of India.

3. YouTube

You will be surprised to know that the significant portion of the internet data is occupied with YouTube videos. YouTube is the world’s biggest platform for video sharing and searching. It allows the user to upload the videos as well and earn through it. It has a vast library of videos where you will get the result of all your searches. It is a platform having both creators and viewers. You can download its Android and iOS mobile application for free and enjoy video streaming. It has many features that are much more advanced than any other video streaming site. It is a free website, but if you want to watch the latest movies on YouTube, you need to purchase it as per the ratings of the film.

YouTube is the world's biggest platform for video sharing and searching.

4. TodaypkMovies

TodaypkMovies is the perfect alternative to Einthusan. This website enables the user to watch and download Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil and other movies for free. It provides all the movies in high definition and can customize the video quality of the download as per the user’s preference. This website is going down nowadays. It does not have any updated movies at present. So, you can use this to stream older movies quickly.

TodaypkMovies is the perfect alternative to Einthusan.

5. Putlocker Mix

Putlocker is a website available for a PC or laptop for streaming all the latest movies for free. It is a popular hub to watch and download all types of movies, TV shows, and series online. It consists of all the Hollywood and Bollywood movies categorized under different genres like comedy, romance, war, mystery, crime, thriller, biopic, documentary, and many others. You can also opt for the English subtitles to watch the movies. It enables the user to view the movies in high definition and download it in good video quality as per the user’s choice. It can also be taken as the search engine for movies that find the movies quickly.

6. Hindi Movies Online

As the name suggests, this website is specially designed for watching and downloading Hindi movies or Hindi dubbed movies for free. To access all its content, the user need not sign up on the website. It offers all its streaming services without any registration. However, no other language contents are found on this website. This website enables the user to watch the movies in high definition video quality. You can get a high-level Hindi movie experience on this website. With its simple interface, it has become the first choice for the online Hindi movie streaming website.

7. Gofilms4u

Gofilms4u is a free web-based video streaming website. It offers the user to watch full movies online without any premium subscription. It has a huge library containing Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If you are looking for Hollywood movies dubbed in your regional language, you must go to this website. It has a simple and clear interface. You can easily search your movies by looking for the later movies or entering the title or actor of the movie in the search bar. It is a good platform to watch videos in India in all the popular regional languages. All these features make it a suitable alternative to Einthusan.

8. Hindilinks4u

Like Gofilms4u, Hindilinks4u is also a website providing web-based video services. It enables the user to watch any movies online without any issue. You can explore all of its Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with its documentaries which are Hindi dubbed. It also contains Hollywood movies that are dubbed in the Hindi language. It allows the user to access the website for free. You can easily search for your movie and watch it a good picture quality. The website is updated with the latest movies regularly.

9. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, developed by Amazon, gives a large library of videos and movies if you are a subscriber to the prime membership on Amazon. Apart from the shopping benefits, you can also explore its videos and movies collection using the Amazon prime. There are some videos that are only available on Amazon Prime, which can only be watched on this website. It also offers Hollywood and Bollywood movies which can be watched in the desired picture quality. It has also emerged as a popular video streaming website like Netflix and Hotstar. To use this website, you should get registered to the Amazon site and get the prime membership.

Amazon Prime is one of the Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV.

10. Putlocker.kz

Putlocker.kz is a similar website like Putlocker. It can only be accessed on a computer or laptop. It is a free website that allows the user to watch a large number of movies and TV shows. It is featured with all the latest movies, web series and TV shows. It has all the contents customized in different genres which helps the user to find their movie usually. It has a simple and clear interface that makes this website compatible with users. You can also get the latest movies on the main page of the website.

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Here you have seen all the features and services provided by Einthusan and its alternatives. You can explore all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. You can also watch TV shows and web series on these mentioned websites. Accessing the content from these websites is entirely legal and can be obtained as per the policy of the site mentioned above. If you have any queries or doubts related to this article and video streaming websites, then please share in the comments section.

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