Top 5 EZTV Proxy sites & High Speed Mirrors to access [2019]

You had often heard about the name “EZTV”. EZTV is nothing but a torrent website which is listed among the top torrent websites like KAT, The Pirate Bay, 1337X etc.

EZTV is one of the most popular websites to access the torrent files. Not only the movies or web series torrents, other torrent files like torrent file of paid software, installer packages of paid gaming software and much more to be counted. That’s why EZTV is considered as an important Torrent website.

ZTV Proxy sites & High Speed Mirrors

This website is still in existence in many countries and some countries had banned though. But this is not an issue if you have VPN (Virtual Private Network) installed in your device. VPN has sorted the problem of every user because it not only allows you to access the banned Torrent sites, but also it will protect your identity from third-party. That’s why the importance of VPN also synthesized.

But in case if you don’t want to you use VPN to access EZTV torrent website, then there is still one option left which you can opt to access the torrent files present on this website. That option is to use valid EZTV Proxy and Mirror sites. Basically, mirror website is that website which have identical content as like the original website have but differs in the URL. This method is used since the telecommunication authorities of different countries had banned the Torrent websites.

That’s why there is a need to develop a method which will help users to access these websites without their identity being exposed out. Use of VPN is really a fantastic option, but using VPN will reduce the overall speed of your data connection which is pretty annoying for the users. And in case if you are also among those users who don’t like the working of VPN, then these 5 proxy or mirror sites will surely help you a lot:

  1. EZTV Proxy Site number 1
  2. EZTV Proxy Site number 2
  3. EZTV Proxy site number 3
  4. EZTV Proxy site number 4
  5. EZTV Proxy site number 5

These 5 listed proxy sites of EZTV torrent website will surely let you to browse all the content available on EZTV torrent website without the use of VPN. Please note that your identity won’t get revealed in any case if you use these proxy sites because there is no restriction or ban on these websites. These websites are not in the consideration of government authorities. And as soon as they track these proxy websites which we had listed, we will update this list with a new and fresh link of proxy link.

Some Known VPN’s which you can use:

There are a lot of VPN companies which have VPN product on their website. But you need a strong and trusted VPN which will let you access not only the banned Torrent website, but also you can access other websites which has not been permitted to you. So, just have a look on the top VPN brands which you can choose for you:

  1. NORD VPN: This is the best VPN product available in the market as far we know. Strongly recommended!!
  2. IVacy VPN: This is another very option and a direct competitor of NORD VPN.
  3. Express VPN: This VPN is also quite capable of protecting your identity from the hackers and the third-part persons.

Everything is fully secured and safe if you use VPN to access these types of Torrent websites or any other illegal websites. There is no doubt that half of people of this globe uses VPN to access the websites which are not fully secured or been banned by the government authorities. So, we recommend you to use VPN before you visit any malicious website or anything of that sort.

Some Top alternatives of EZTV torrent website 2019:

In case if you aren’t been able to access EZTV after enabling the VPN or by using those proxy sites which we had listed above, then there may be a possibility that site was under maintenance purpose. But don’t get disappointed because we have another list of top 5 alternates of EZTV which you can use till it get back operational.

1) Kickass Torrent (KAT)

This is one of the best and oldest torrent websites which is operational since 2008. KAT is launched in year 2008 and till now, it has over 5 Million active torrent files on its huge database which is really an amazing point to note. Furthermore, the huge fan base of this website describes the popularity of this website very much. This website is roughly available in over 45 different languages and the compatibility of using this website cannot be compared with any other torrent website. This is because you don’t have to prove your identity or to take part in a survey to access the available content. All you need to do is just click on the link provided and start downloading the torrent file.

Kickass Torrent (KAT) is one of the best and oldest torrent websites.

2)Lime Torrent

This is another very good option to use in place of EZTV torrent website. This website also has a huge database where millions of active torrent files are still present. Moreover, according to a report, hundreds of torrent files are added on this website on daily basis. These torrent files are of different categories like movie torrents, web series torrents, anime torrents, comics torrents, software torrent and much more. That’s why the name of Lime Torrent comes in to mind whenever we think about the best possible alternates of EZTV torrent website.

Lime Torrent is another very good option to use in place of EZTV torrent website.


This torrent website is a torrent hosting website which means any type of torrent file which is not available on the database of its own website can be searched from the database of other torrent websites. That’s why this website is also regarded as “Mother of all torrent websites”. This website is currently having over 10 Million active torrent files which from which some of them cannot be searched easily. But majority of the files can be searched through the use of search box provided on the top of the homepage of website. is a torrent hosting website which means any type of torrent file.


This great torrent website was launched in year 2008 and just after the launching, this website crashes due to the fanbase of this website. This website had generated a tremendous amount of web traffic which is quite enough to define the popularity of this website. All the torrent files available on this website are sorted according to their respective categories which makes the job of users a lot easier than usual. Moreover, there are a lot of mirror or proxy sites available for RARBG, but we think that there is no need of that because using VPN will sort out every possible problem for you. And like as EZTV torrent website, RARBG is also quite capable of providing you the torrent files of different things other than movies and TV shows like installer packages of paid applications, paid software and other popular anime and comics series. That’s why RARBG is of utmost importance for the torrent users. So, definitely a very good choice as a substitute of EZTV torrent website.

RARBG had generated a tremendous amount of web traffic.

5) 1337X

1337X website is well known for its powerful search engine which is quite capable of searching any torrent file of your interest. The best part of 1337X website is its user-interface which is just awesome. It is very lite and clean website that any user can easily search their favorite torrent file hassle free. And as like other torrent websites, this website has also categorized all the torrent files present on its website according to some of the parameters. This website has been banned in majority of the countries across the globe but there can be as much solution possible of this problem as you want. So, don’t wait and use this website to its fullest in place of EZTV website.

1337X website is well known for its powerful search engine


Here the list of top 5 alternatives and proxy sites of EZTV ends. We hope that you had enjoyed our today’s article. Please drop out the experiences and other issues if any with these websites below in the comments section. We will be glad to be the part of your suggestion. We promise you to bring these more and more stuffs to your door so that you don’t have to compromise with your needs. Till then please read our other hot topics related to technology.
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