Free 8 VNC Client And Viewer For Windows, Mac And Linux 2019

In this technological world, most of the works are done online and the complete work is stored on PC. So, it is not conventional to keep eyes on the activity of clients or staff manually. Therefore, Virtual Network Connection (VNC) software is developed to make this work easy and handy. Using VNC software, one can control the client’s device and see the work status using another computer. There is no matter of privacy violation in this as it is ethical to know about work done by the staff or client. It only covers the work field of the computer without interrupting the personal data and activities of the staff.

In the computation system, VNC acts as a graphical desktop sharing system which is helpful in controlling another computer remotely. It takes the help of Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (RFBP) to create a controlling system. This helps the user to see the mouse and keyboard activity of one computer to the other graphically. VNC software is helpful to obtain the graphical screen updates over a network. This is done with the approval of clients and staffs allowing the user to know about the activity. Moreover, any companies provide their staff with such VNC clients pre-installed with their tablets or laptops/PC provided to work for the company. Here, you can find the top 8 free and open source VNC client/server which is capable of keeping track of the work activity of employees and clients properly. Go through the article to know more about it.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the most popular Virtual Network Computing software available for free. It is a personal software widely used to establish the network connection to a PC or server to look out the activity within a few seconds. It gives a virtual feeling of accessing the team’s computer with its good graphics updates. It is featured with a webcam, VoIP and application selection through which you can select the portion of the computer over which you want to track the activity and check the work status. It is known for its powerful desktop sharing services along with remote access and support. It is also known as online meeting software. There are several other features of TeamViewer which makes it different from other software.

TeamViewer is the most popular Virtual Network Computing software available for free.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

As the name suggests, this software has some relations with the Chrome Browser and Chromebook. It accelerates its working to access other computers remotely with the help of Chrome browser and Chromebook. Using this software, the partner computer’s activities are made available to host PC both on a short-term basis and long-term basis scenarios. It is featured with ad hoc remote support and other such remote access to applications and files with the help of Chrome tools. The network generated with this software is completely secure and private with the team members.

This software is a complete cross-platform for having access to other PC online. It is compatible with Windows (Win XP and later), macOS (OS X 10.6 and later) and Linux. However, the user needs to have the Chrome browser or Chromebook installed on their device for using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a complete cross-platform for having access to other PC online.

3. TightVNC

TightVNC is another complete remote control software package designed with various high technology tools available for free to use. It not only allows you to look and check the desktop of your remote computer but also to make changes by using your own local keyboard and mouse. It gives a complete virtual feeling of controlling the computer as it is kept in front of the user. Other salient features of this software are given below.

4. Remmina

Remmina is a powerful remote desktop client available for free to be used with Linux PC. It is written in GTK+ and is an aid to travelers and system administrators to maintain and have control over their business. It brings out a digital way to have access over remote computers using large monitors or netbooks. This software is useful for creating multiple network protocols of remote computers using its integrated and stable user interface. Other features of this software are given below:

Remmina is a powerful remote desktop client available for free to be used with Linux PC.

5. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a free personal VNC software compatible with Windows and Linux PC. It is known as the most comfortable and easily accessible remote desktop software. It offers various view modes like full screen, shrink, and stretch. It also enables the user to manage the picture quality of the graphics displayed. You can also take screenshots and customize its settings as per the choice.

Using AnyDesk you can control multiple comput3rs from anywhere without putting the data to a cloud service. It also offers excellent customer support and resolves all the queries of the user taking minimum time.

6. TigerVNC

TigerVNC is a trusted and well-known client/server to interact with remote computers through graphical applications. It implements the VNC tools to create a bridge between the local network with other remote computers. It gives a complete real feeling of operating the computer with some basic allowance like to bring out some changes using local mouse and keypad. Advanced authentication services and TLS encryption is also rendered by this software to its users.

7. NoMachine

NoMachine is a designed to be used mainly for commercial and enterprise-type connection with other remote computers. It offers services like secure access to the desktop and hosted desktop deployment. This software comes with a suite comprising of several high-tech tools and components reliable to control the remote desktop.

This software is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux PC and offers compression, session resilience, and integration and management of resources with advanced audio and graphics solutions. NoMachine NX is SSH encrypted and enables the user to work with remote PCs rendering full privacy and security. You can use it for free for personal use but you may need to buy it for its enterprise and server editions.

8. X2Go

With numerous advanced features and data sharing security services, X2Go is a free open source remote desktop software available to be used with Windows, macOS, and Linux PC. It provides a secure standalone remote session using its SSH encryption along with complete control over the connected device. It supports both graphical and audio solutions to create a connection between computers.

This software is compatible with both low and high bandwidth connections. It can be connected or reconnected by any client connected to it. It is featured with file sharing, printer sharing, desktop control, and SSH security. It is a powerful software for remote control and maintenance of its security.

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Here you have seen 8 different remote desktop client software which is helpful in maintaining a virtual connection among clients or team members while working online. It is helpful to have control over connected computers saving the time taken to organize the meeting and do other formalities. It also saves the travel cost and another cost of meetings. With high technology and advanced tools, such software is of great use in maintaining a stable work environment. If you have any questions related to this article, then feel free to ask using the comments section.

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