How to Remove the U2 Album from iPhone in 2019

Years back, Apple had gifted U2’s album “Songs of Innocence” to all iPhone users. In return to that, iPhone users did give a negative feedback to Apple. Did you recently discover this album? Well, now you might know how this album got on your device. Then, would you also want to remove this U2 album from iPhone?

Though, you can stream the songs of the album for free on Apple Music whenever you want. Despite knowing the fact that Apple has gifted this album to iPhone users some years ago, it has always been there waiting to be deleted. Perhaps, you too have faced this problem if you are one of the iPhone users.

Interestingly, Apple has now developed a method to remove the U2 album from your iTunes library by following some simple steps which are mentioned below. As this album is not one of your purchased items, after removing the album, there’s no free restoration of the album as well.

In this article, we will tell you how to delete the U2 album on iPhone and eventually from your iTunes library. Though it is very easy to delete U2’s Songs of Innocence album from your iPhone, you should know the special trick for it. Here’s the detailed process to remove U2 album Songs of Innocence both from your iPhone and iTunes library.

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How to Remove U2 Album from iTunes Library

Removing a whole album from the iTunes library could seems a bit tough and tiring. In such cases, following these steps properly will easily help youto remove the U2 album from your iTunes library:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Click on “Remove Album” to remove it from your iTunes library.
  3. Just sign in there with your own Apple ID and password.
  4. You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page that will actually inform you that you’ve removed the U2 album from your iPhone’s music library.
  5. After that page, you will be logged out. Yet when back to your iTunes library, it’s likely that you still see the U2 album. You need to sign in again.
  6. Now, just select and right-click the songs, and choose the Delete option from the iTunes Library.
    How to Remove U2 Album from iTunes Library

Afterwards, when you sync iPhone with iTunes, remember to sync music so that the U2 album will also be removed from your iOS device.

How to Delete U2 Album from iPhone

Another option to get rid of this album is by deleting it from the iPhone’s own music library. Just follow the mentioned steps to delete the U2 album from your iPhone:

These two steps will surely help you get rid of the U2 album present on your iPhone by default. Of course if you are a fan of this album, you do not have to do all this. In case you don’t fancy it, make sure you will follow these above mentioned steps to save your internal storage space on your iPhone. These are very simple steps made for the user’s convenience. You can try it without any hesitation if U2 album is default in your iPhone. And if you have any question or other good suggestion, welcome to comment down your ideas.

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