How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Windows 7

What should we do after deleting important files on Windows 7? You might say restoring them back from Recycle Bin. Well, that’s correct. However, what if you deleted Windows 7 files permanently? Don’t doubt it. This kind of issues happen on people from time to time, but no need to worry. In this article, you will know how files are deleted from Windows 7 and how to recover deleted files from Windows 7.

Windows 7 Data Recovery Software.

What Happens When You Delete Files on Windows 7

In Windows 7 (or the newer Windows 10/8), the operation of deleting files or folders is usually implemented in two particular ways:

The two deleting options mentioned above do not remove objects from your hard drive, but instead move them to Windows Recycle Bin. A computer user can restore those files or folders to their original location at any time.
However, you can also perform permanent deletion of files or folders in Windows 7 by

We can list more options of permanent deletion, such as a file too big to be recycled, or deleting files with cleanup tool, but it should be clarified that the permanent deletion mentioned here is from the angle of the operating system and common users.

As a matter of fact, the files are not yet permanently erased from Windows 7 computer. Believe it or not, please keep reading if you urgently need to perform Windows 7 file recovery.

Windows 7 File Recovery Software

When you remove files on Windows 7 with the so-called permanent deletion methods, the system just marks the memory space as available for new data. Until new data occupy the space, it is still possible to recover deleted files from Windows 7 computer.

The utility that we need for Windows 7 recovery is a good data recovery software.

Jihosoft File Recovery, an advanced data recovery software, is specially designed to recover deleted files from Windows 7, which also works for Windows 10 file recovery of course. It can perform selectively scanning to find directly deleted files (Shift + Delete) or files emptied from the Recycle Bin.

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Features of Jihosoft File Recovery Software:

Note: In order to maximize the chance of successful Windows 7 file recovery, please do not save any new files onto the hard disk drive where your files were deleted from immediately. Otherwise, it may result in overwriting of lost data and make the Windows 7 deleted file recovery become impossible.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 7 Step by Step

Free download and install the data recovery software for Windows 7 on your computer. If you want to recover files from a removable disk, please connect it to your PC. Follow the steps below when you’re ready.

Step 1. Run the Windows 7 File Recovery Software

Once the program is installed, it should open itself. If it is not launched, please double-click the icon on the desktop. Click Recover File to proceed. You can try other functions later.

Run the Windows 7 File Recovery Software

Step 2. Choose Scan Partition and File Types

Select the partition you are going to recover deleted files from, then click Advance Scan button and tick the file types that you need. Click Scan Now button to proceed.

Choose Scan Partition and File Types

Step 3. Preview and Recover Windows 7 Deleted Files

When the scanning is over, all the file types will be displayed in the left panel by categories. You can click on any file type to view specific files on the right panel. Click Recover button to undelete the files you need.

Note: The button on the right can switch view modes between list and icon, and the Filter button on the top-right can help you find wanted files quick by size.

Preview and Recover Windows 7 Deleted Files

When the recovery is finished, you will be able to check the restored files in separate folders. Do remember to move them to somewhere safe. Though the Windows 7 file recovery tool is able to retrieve lost files, you’re suggested always back up your most precious data.

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