How to Remove Audio From YouTube Video 2020?

Part 1. How to remove audio from uploaded YouTube video?

How to remove audio from uploaded YouTube video?

If you add your own music to YouTube video, you are likely to get a copyright claim from YouTube especially when you use a very pop music in your video. Once that happen, your video might be blocked in some area or it might be restricted to monetize. So, to remove those restrictions, you can try muting the copyrighted music used in your video. If you don’t know how to make it, follow the steps below:

Part 2. How to mute a video before uploading to YouTube?

The YouTube editor allows you to add music to a video after uploading. Still, the original video sound might interfere the new added song. Therefore, some people would like to mute a video before uploading to YouTube. There are desktop programs as well as online editors for you to mute a video. In this part, we will suggest the top video background music removers for you.

Jihosoft Audio Remover

If you like to remove audio from video on Windows 10, things would be much more easier if you use Jihosoft Audio Remover. This third-party program supports a variety of video file format and it is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP. This program is very easy to use so you can get a muted video by a few steps.

Download Video Editor for Windows Download Video Editor for Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro is another excellent tool for muting videos. However, the steps to remove audio from a video is rather complex. If you are good at video editing, using Adobe Premiere Pro is a piece of cake. If you are rookies, Jihosoft Audio Remover is undoubtedly the better choice.


If your device is a Mac computer, iMovie is definitely the right one for remove audio from video on Mac. This powerful video editing software allows you to remove audio from video on Mac with 3 easy steps like this:

If you don’t like iMovie, surely the QuickTime Player is the best alternative. It is a media player but it allows you to simply edit your video like rotating, flipping, removing/adding audio, splitting/trimming video. Here’s what you will do to mute your video with the QuickTime Player.

Now, the audio is removed from your video.


If you don’t need much edit on your video sound, you only want to simply remove the video sound, then it is unnecessary to download and install a software on your PC/ Mac. Instead, online services will be a better choice and AudioRemover is here for you.

There are other online tools similar to Audioremover, if you are interested, you can also try Kapwing, Clideo, Wofox, MP4COMPRESS, FileConverto, etc.

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