How to Bypass Android Lock Screen with 3 Methods?

As we know, there are many ways for locking Android gadgets. But sometimes we forget the PIN, password or pattern and then it is an agony to breach the lock screen. In any case, there clearly are different hacks for bypassing Android lock screen, and that requires the utilization of a few stages and a drop of work. Even though we have different methods to reach our phone’s lock screen, some of these methods are not effective for all Android gadgets available in the market nowadays.

Bypass Android Lock Screen

It’s anything but an impossible job to unlock a locked Android device. What’s required is to go through a few steps and programs which can fill the need. Just no need to be worried, as you don’t need to do any exploration, and we have listed the best ways to hack or bypass Android lock screen. Some of the most proficient methods to breach lock screens on Android gadgets are given below. But if you are using an LG phone, then you can directly go to this tutorial on how to bypass LG lock screen without reset.

Method 1. Bypass Android Lock Screen without Reset: Android Device Manager

With this tool, you can bypass Android lock screen without factory reset. As referenced, the following technique just applies to those devices that have Android Device Manager activated.

Method 2. Android Screen Lock Removal Software: Dr.Fone

Dr.fone is one of the best Android lock screen removal software to bypass Android lock screen. It doesn’t simply breach Android patterns locks, yet additionally it works for passwords, PINs, and so on. In short, it can expel four kinds of lock screens – password, PIN, pattern and finger locks. No tech information needed, so everyone can use it. However, it is only available on Windows. The procedure is extremely basic with few stages, and usually, there is no loss of data on your Android phone during the bypass process. But if it does happen unexpectedly, we recommend you to use this Android Data Recovery tool to get back the deleted/lost data from Android phone.

How to bypass Android lock screen with this Android lock screen removal software:

Tip: How to Exit Download Mode?

 Android Screen Lock Removal Software: Dr.Fone

Method 3. Factory Reset Android to Bypass Screen Lock

On the off chance that Android Device Manager doesn’t work at all for you, your final resort is to reset your phone using factory settings. On Nexus gadgets, this should be possible in Recovery Mode. Underneath, we take you through the reset procedure that works with Nexus gadgets.

Vital note: If your Nexus phone is running Android 5.1 or higher, you’re required to enter a Google username and password linked to your phone after the factory reset wraps up. This is a safety effort to ensure that no one else is resetting your smartphone, tablet or other Android devices. On the off chance that you forget to enter that information, the device won’t be used any longer. Truly ensure you know your Google username and password before you carry on.

Regardless of what version of Android you’re running, you will need access to the internet on the off chance that you changed your Google account password recently, you have to hold up no less than 72 hours before beginning the reset procedure.

You can likewise look at Google’s official page and adhere to the guidelines there. As mentioned before resetting or factory resetting your gadget will erase all information like applications, settings, recordings, and pictures.

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How to unlock Android phone without password if you have a screen lock and you forget the password or the PIN or the pattern? Now, you don’t have to stay locked. With these methods, you can bypass the lock screen on your Android phone.

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