Top 15 FMovies Alternative sites to Download Movies and TV Shows 2019

Streaming online movies and web series has always been an indispensable part of entertainment and joy for every user. To ensure this seamless experience of streaming online movies, you need to access some sort of websites which will give you unlimited entertainment resources. Websites like FMovies are the master in this segment which will let their users access and stream online movies for free. And not only movies, web series and TV shows are also available on these websites.

Top 15 Best Sites Like FMovies for You

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From the past many years, FMovies has created a strong dominance over the other websites of the same segment. And due to its increased popularity among the users, the website traffic has been increasing rapidly, which arranges the revenue through ads. And for the same reason, it tends to break down very frequently. Users are now unable to watch their favorite movies online because of the technical fault in the server and its database. Considering these points, there is a need for some alternative websites to FMovies. Here in this article, we will list the top 15 best FMovies alternative sites for your convenience.

1. Movie Tube

This is an awesome alternative website to FMovies, which offers unlimited features. There is a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies available on this website. Apart from movies, some really awesome TV shows are also available which you can stream online in the resolution you prefer. That’s why Movie Tube is an awesome option to fill the empty space of FMovies.

Movie Tube is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

2. MKV Movies Point

This website is known for its lite user-interface which will let users stream online videos hassle-free. This FMovies alternative website is an all-rounder website which will offer you all types of movies, web series, TV shows and much more. The movies are sorted according to the genre, language, and other most searched categories. It will automatically suggest you some other movies based on your watching history.

3. House Movie

As the name of this website suggests, House Movie is a house where all types of movies and TV shows are available. It is a powerful streaming site like FMovies where users can stream online movies and videos. The user-interface of this website may resist your watching experience, but overall House Movie is a great performer of this segment.

House Movie is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

4. Download Hub

This website is very popular among users from all around the world because it offers the feature of downloading a specific movie of your choice. You can also download the whole web series and TV shows at once. Apart from downloading, you can also stream online movies and videos of your choice. Not the best alternative to FMovies, but Download Hub can surely give some positive results to you.

Download Hub is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

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5. See HD

This free online FMovies alternative streaming website is known for providing high-definition contents to its users. Because users demand movies and videos in HD, See HD creates a strong dominance in the list of the best websites which provide free movies and TV shows. There are some irrelevant ads which need to be blocked by installing an ad blocker on your PC so as to ensure the seamless watching experience.

6. Bobmovies

This website which is like FMovies is not so popular among the users because of some irrelevant contents available on this website. Some adult ads are also present on this website, which users don’t like. But talking about other movies and TV shows, you will find a wide variety of movies and TV shows which can be streamed online.

Bobmovies is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

7. HD Popcorns

As an alternative to FMovies, this website is also very popular in providing movies and TV shows in varieties of screen resolutions. See HD is a perfect competitor to this website and frankly speaking, HD popcorns has a little edge over See HD in terms of the availability of movies and TV shows.

HD Popcorns is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

8. Movie DDL

Far below than FMovies, Movie DDL is disliked by the users on a major scale. Due to the bugs and technical issues, users are never able to settle for some constant streaming experience. Earlier when the website was launched, it was loved by users but now users hardly use this website to stream online movies.

Movie DDL is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

9. Movie Watcher

This is another very good option to serve as FMovies alternative site. Movie Watcher contains both Bollywood and Hollywood movies which are available for online streaming as well for downloading.

Movie Watcher Movie Watcher

10. HD Euro Pics

This FMovies alternative website was formerly known for its huge collection of English movies. But in recent times, it has added some Japanese, American and Chinese movies as well on its website. That’s why HD Euro Pics gains a lot of popularity in recent times. If you are fond of movies in English or any other language listed above, then HD Euro Pics is the best option for you.

11. Two Movies

This website never seems to resolve its technical faults and issues with web designing. But still, Two Movies website contains some relevant movie stuff which cannot be ignored. Overall, you actually can consider this website as an alternative to FMovies.

12. Archive Movie

Another free online streaming website which is an FMovies alternative is Archive Movie. Archive Movie contains a lot of movies and TV shows which are available for you to stream online in varieties of screen resolutions. That’s why users mostly prefer to stream online on this website.

13. iPAgal

This alternative website to FMovies is famous for providing comedy movies for online streaming and downloading. Most Bollywood movies are available on this website and there are also some Hollywood movies added on this website recently.

14. HD Movies Point

Just like other free online streaming websites, this FMovies alternative website is also very popular for providing HD quality movies to their users. This one is not so popular among the users as like other websites, but we promise you will definitely love it.

HD Movies Point is best Sites Like FMovies to Download Movies and TV Shows.

15. HD Movies Maza

This is our last pick in these best sites like FMovies which we have listed so far. All the movies, TV shows, and web series are available in HD screen resolution, which we think is a plus point.


Here ends the list of top 15 best alternatives to FMovies. It is very hard to completely replace FMovies with other websites, but they do help. You can share your favorite picks from the above list in the comment section below. Also, please share this article with your friends and families so that they can also know about these websites like FMovies.

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