4 Ways to Transfer Data from Android to Windows Phone

Now the Windows Phone’s fast and user-friendly OS plus its integration with Microsoft-linked products has given many users a reason to consider moving from Android to the integrated mobile platform. But one drawback of switching from Android to Windows Phone is that you don’t want to lose any of your information. Thankfully you don’t have to. In this page, we’ll include simple ways to help you transfer data from Android to Windows Phone, including Nokia Lumia 530, 635, 735, 830, 930, 1020, 1520, Microsoft Lumia 640, 640 XL, HTC 8X, 8XT, Samsung ATIV S Neo, etc.

Option 1: Windows Phone Online Help Page

Microsoft understands the problems associated with making the switch. So it offers a relatively comprehensive Help Page to help users make the transition to Windows Phone as easy as possible. From that page, you’ll exactly find how to move email, contacts and calendars, docs, music, photos and videos from Android to Windows Phone.

Option 2: Transfer my Data App

An easy way to transfer data from Android to Windows Phone is using Transfer my Data app. It’s a Windows Phone app that allows you to access and copy contacts, text messages, pictures and music from Android via Bluetooth.

1. Download, install and open the Transfer my Data app on your Windows phone.
2. Turn on Bluetooth connectivity on both the Windows Phone and the Android phone, pair them together.
3. Press “OK” from the request message popped up on the Android phone to allow the Transfer my Data app access to the phone data.
4. You will see your contacts, text messages and pictures on the app screen, press “Start” to copy data. Once the copy process is done, press “Finish” to exit.

Note: Now the app is only working with Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone, not for others like Samsung or HTC Windows Phone.

Option 3: Switch to Windows Phone App

Apart from the Transfer my Data app, Microsoft has another app that can easily transfer data from Android to Windows Phone. The free Switch to Windows Phone app comes in two versions, available from Windows Phone Store and Google Play. You’ll need both versions to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, etc.

First, launch the app on the Android phone where your data is currently stored. The app offers you two ways to move data to Windows Phone:
1) WiFi: If you’ve already set up your Windows Phone, the Wi-Fi option creates a virtual wireless connection between Android and Windows Phone, and lets you copy everything.
2) OneDrive: If you haven’t set up your Windows Phone yet, you can save the data from your Android phone to OneDrive and download it to Windows Phone when you set up the device.

Note: The later way requires a network connection and a Microsoft account.

Option 4: Android to Windows Phone File Transfer Tool

Last but not least, you can easily make the switch with Jihosoft Phone Data Transfer.
The powerful tool lets you transfer contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, videos, music and more from Android to Windows Phone in few simple clicks.

Download Phone Data Transfer for Windows Download Phone Data Transfer for Mac

1. Download, install and run the Android to Windows Phone File Transfer tool on your computer.
2. Connect both the Android and Windows Phone to PC via USB cables. Make sure the Windows Phone listed as “Destination”.
3. Mark the data you wish to move and click on “Start Copy” to begin the transfer. After that, click on “OK” to end it.

Note: Using this tool, you are able to transfer your important stuff from iPhone to Windows Phone.

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