How to Recover Files after Quick Format

Sometimes users may have accidentally formatted a disk and lost their precious data, for example:

“I have accidentally performed a quick format on my USB drive thinking that the data is useless. Now I need them back. Is there any software that I could use to recover data after quick format?”

Don’t panic. If you are thinking that the formatted files cannot be recovered from the quick formatted partition then you are absolutely wrong. Actually, data recovery after quick format can be quite possible if you take advanced data recovery software and follow the proper steps. Before performing quick format recovery, I’d like to share some basic knowledge related to quick format.

What is Quick Format and Regular Format?
When you are ready to format a partition, your will have two methods: quick format and regular format. Quick format is a quick way to format the volume by removing files from the partition, but not scanning the disk for bad sectors. If you run a regular format on a disk, files are removed from the volume that you are formatting and the disk is scanned for bad sectors.

Difference between a Quick Format and a Regular Format

The difference between quick format and regular format is whether the volume will scan the bad sectors or not. If you are planning to reuse the drive and don’t believe anything is wrong with the drive, a quick format is adequate. If you believe the drive may have problems, a regular format is a good option to make sure no issues exist with the drive.

Why it is possible to recover files after quick format?

Quick format only remove the entries to data only, while the data area are not damaged. If you accidentally perform quick format and lose important files, there are still chances to recover data unless the data area is overwritten by new data. Therefore, don’t write anything into the partition after quick format.

How to do quick format file recovery?

Jihosoft File Recovery is professional data recovery software that will help you recover lost data after quick format. It is very simple to use. You can do quick format recovery within three simple steps:

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

1. Choose the formatted partition that you need to recover data.
2. Select the Normal Scan mode and click “Scan” to continue.
3. Preview the recoverable files and check to recover data from quick format drive.

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