How to Retrieve Data from Formatted Memory Card

“Hey, I have formatted the memory card on my Canon digital camera by mistake. It is an 32GB SanDisk SD card. Can I recover formatted memory card? There are many important photos and videos on the card. Please help!”

Mistakenly formatting a memory card in a digital camera or mobile phone always happens. Fortunately, there are chances to retrieve data from formatted memory card. To do memory card format recovery, first of all, let’s learn some basic knowledge of memory card:

A memory card is a solid-state electronic flash memory data storage devices used in cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, music players, and many other digital devices. In most cases, after you format a memory card, the boot area and file information blocks were emptied and initialized. The memory card looks like as if it is empty and contains nothing, but the file bodies are still there. Data recovery software can search the data and restore them.

What should you do if mistakenly format your memory card?

First, immediately stop using the memory card. If possible, you’d better pull the memory card out of the digital camera or mobile phone and ensure no data is written to it. This will protect the lost data due to formatting from being overwriting by new data.

Second, download and use Jihosoft File Recovery. This Formatted Memory Card Recovery software will perform a deep scan of memory card and list all recoverable files by category. You can have a preview of scanned files and recover formatted memory card data in minutes.

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

What kind of memory card does Jihosoft File Recovery support?

Jihosoft File Recovery supports almost all memory card types including SD (Secure Digital) card, miniSD card, microSD card, CF (Compact Flash) card, xD-Picture card, P2 card, memory stick, SmartMedia, etc. Besides memory card, this format recovery software also supports hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, and other storage devices.

Video Tutorial of Recovering Files from Formatted Memory Card

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