How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from SD Card

“Hey guys, I have a 32GB SD card for my Nikon D3100. I accidentally deleted all photos from the SD card and want to get them back. Anyone know of a program that will let me recover photos from SD card? Thanks in advance.”

Even though many electronic devices are equipped with large internal memory nowadays, nobody would say NO to a Micro SD card. It means not only more available space, but also about the flexibility. However, it is common to see that people lose precious photos and videos from SD card due to various reasons.

SD Card Photo Recovery & Video Recovery

Is it possible to recover deleted photos and videos without backup? A lot of photographers have wondered the answer in a panic. Let’s start by figuring out where the files go after you delete them intentionally or by mistake. Are files really permanently deleted from your SD card?

SD Card Photo Recovery & Video Recovery

As it is widely known, when you delete a photo or video on Windows & Mac computer, the deleted file goes to the Recycle Bin or the Trash waiting for you to restore it someday in the future. However, if you delete photos or videos from an SD card, whether you perform the operation on a digital camera, mobile phone, or computer, there is no Recycle bin or similar place to store the deleted data.

Don’t despair. At this stage, the files are not gone forever. They are indeed invisible by both the computer and users, but the data is still there. The file system just marks the space which is occupied by the data as available for overwriting by new ones. As long as the overwriting have not yet happened, it is possible to recover deleted photos from SD card.
Now, take a deep breath, then stop using your SD card. It would be better to take the memory card off your digital camera or mobile phone. Next, you will need a reliable software that can apply photo recovery for SD card.

Best Photo & Video Recovery Sftware for SD Card

To recover lost, deleted or formatted photos and videos from SD card without backup, you need Jihosoft Photo Recovery, which is the best SD card photo recovery software on Windows and Mac. It will scan your SD card and undelete photos, videos and audio files.

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

Why Choose Jihosoft

Note: To increase the chance of recovery, you should better plug the SD card out of device like digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, etc. and stop using it at once to avoid data overwritten.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos & Photos from Micro SD Card

Step 1. Launch the Recovery Software

Connect your SD card to computer via a card reader, then launch the SD card photo recovery software on your Windows or Mac computer. Click Recover Photo to continue.

Tips: You can make a backup for your SD card with Create Image.

Recover Deleted Videos & Photos from Micro SD Card

Step 2. Scan Lost Photos on SD Card

Now, select the partition of your SD card and click Scan Now to search for lost photos, videos and audios on your SD card.
Tips: You may also click Advanced Scan and choose wanted file formats for quick scanning.

Recover Deleted Videos & Photos from Micro SD Card

Step 3. Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Preview the recoverable photos and videos from scanning result and select files that you want to recover. Finally click Recover to start getting lost files back.

Recover Deleted Videos & Photos from Micro SD Card

More Tips & Suggestions

Tip 1: Jihosoft Photo Recovery can retrieve pictures from Micro SD card in various brands and types. Popular SD card such Lexar SD card, Sandisk SD card, ATP SD card, Kingston SD card, Transend SD card, PNY SD card, and card types like Micro SD card, Mini SD card, SDHC card, and MMC card are all supported.

Tip 2: Jihosoft SD Card Photo Recovery can also recover photos and videos from USB flash drive and other removable devices as well as hard drives.

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