How to Recover Lost Files after Reinstalling Windows 10/8/7

When it comes to the era of Windows 10, a lot of people are trying to upgrade their computer OS to the latest Windows OS either from the old Windows 7/8 or previous builds of Windows 10. In either case, many users have found their desktop cleared and important files missing, because they have clean reinstalled Windows system or reset Windows 10 without backup. Comparing with fixing Windows 100% disk usage or system corruption, which are rather desired results, losing precious photos, videos or documents is not wanted by most people.

“I really need help! My computer crashed and stopped working. Then I’ve reinstalled Windows OS. Now, my computer runs perfectly, but I lost my data and most importantly all the photos I had. What can I do to get them back?”

Don’t worry. If this also happed to you, this tutorial will show you a proven method to retrieve files after Windows reinstall.

Is It Possible to Recover Data after Windows 10 Reset or Reinstall?

Well, the good news is that you can recover data after reinstalling Windows. When you reinstall Windows drive, your files are not gone permanently just become invisible and inaccessible, only the file table is modified and the spaces containing the files are marked as blank and available for new file storage. Most of your files are recoverable with data recovery software except those who are overwritten by new files.

Note: Once realize that important files are lost, you should step away from the PC. Stop using the hard disk immediately. Do not write any data into the disk, do no install or uninstall any programs, this will prevent data overwriting and increase the chance of data recovery after Windows reinstall.

Best Software for Data Recovery after Windows Reinstall

With the help of the right software, everyone can recover data after reinstalling Windows with no need of techniques. For this purpose, Jihosoft File Recovery is your best choice which will scan the Windows hard drive and retrieve the deleted or formatted files. It supports recovery of various file types, including photos, videos, audio, documents, archives, and more. The data recovery program is compatible with the latest Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as macOS, so you can also recover deleted files on MacBook.

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

Attention: Please install the program in a location other than the source partition to avoid data overwriting. You can even install it on an external hard drive or USB drive connected to your computer.

Why Choose Jihosoft File Recovery:

How to Recover Data after Reinstalling Windows?

Step 1. Run Jihosoft File Recovery and choose Recover File.

The recovery software will run automatically after the installation, or you can launch it from the desktop. Click Recover File to proceed.

Run Jihosoft File Recovery and choose Recover File.

Step 2. Select a Partition and Scan Now.

You will see all the partitions detected by the program, including internal or external hard drive and removable drives. You need to select the partition where your lost files were stored, then click Scan Now to proceed.

Tips: The Advance Scan button allows users to select specific file formats so as to find the desired files quickly.

Select a Partition and Scan Now.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Files from Clean Installed Windows.

Once the scanning is finished, please expand the categories on the left pane to view all types of files. You can preview all the recoverable photos, videos, audio and other files on the program. Select only the files you need and click Recover button to get the data back.

Preview and Recover Files from Clean Installed Windows.

If only picture recovery is needed, you can download Jihosoft Photo Recovery. This Photo Recovery tool helps users recover photos from Windows hard disk, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and RAW images taken with digital cameras.

Bottom Thought

Here comes the end of this tutorial of data recovery after Windows reinstall. Whether you want to reinstall computer system to enjoy the latest OS or to speed up the running performance, be sure to make a backup of the important user files, then learn how to format Windows laptop properly. In case you’re forced to do the reinstalling and not able to back up precious data, please use the recovery program mentioned above as soon as possible. Feel free share your experience or questions with us in the comment.

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