Best 25 Free App for You to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the Top 10 popular apps in the whole world. It has more than 500 million users. You would be surprised to know that more than an estimated 60 million photographs are shared on the app daily. Witnessing this high level of growth, the app store has seen the entry of thousands of Instagram applications. These apps have the sole aim of providing the user with new sets of apps and tools that can work towards improving your presence in this popular photo-sharing application.

Free App for You to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Here are some great apps:

How to get free Instagram followers 2019 | 1000 followers every hour ?

1. Fastlykke

Our first entry is Fastlykke. We consider this as one of the best platforms for Instagram. We say this because using this application, you can boost your likes, followers, and comments on Instagram. Hence we consider this to be as one of the most reliable sources. ‘sWhat’s the best part here? You would be surprised to know that there’sthere’s a 100% money back offer given if the services promised are not provided. On this app you can get 500 Instagram followers for a small fee of $ 5.

2. The Genuine Likes app

Our second entry is “”The Genuine Likes””. What we like is that this app will provide completely reliable followers, likes and comments on your Instagram profile. Isn’tIsn’t that cool? Like Fastlykke, Genuine Likes is the only other service provider that guarantees a full refund if the service promised is not rendered or in the event of the service not working. You can get 100 likes, 20 comments and the fees for this start from $ 3 and $10 respectively.

3. Social enablers

Our third entry is “”Social Enablers””. Here too, you get free Instagram follower services. Through the application, you can get Instagram followers in just a few seconds. We like Social Enablers because it’sit’s a user-friendly and straightforward service. Visit the website and see the instructions for using this service.

4. Skweezer

Our next entry is Skweezer. Using this application, you can get a lot of followers. In fact, 50 free followers are given to you when you sign up directly. Here you can pay and buy followers according to your requirements.

5. Buy real Instagram followers

Our fifth entry is “”Buy real Instagram followers””. This is considered to be 1 of the top-rated sites to boost followers. This app helps you in improving your profile with real followers and get more likes too.

6. Insta macro

Next we have Insta macro. You can improve your profile reach with real followers and get more likes and followers. They are fashionable and have more than 4 million downloads in Play Store.

7. Get

Get is another amazing application where you can gain more followers on your Instagram account. It’sIt’s available in both play stores. And can be downloaded for free and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get more followers.

8. Freelike4like with coins

Freelike4like with coins is an app where you can gain Instagram followers quickly. This is available only for Android devices and not for iOS. Here Instagram users can gain a lot of Instagram followers for free.

9. Like 4 Like

Like 4 like is a fantastic site as it offers free followers directly in your account. On signing up you can get sign up credentials and utilize the services to earn more followers.

10. Likes for Instagram Android

Likes for Instagram Android is not just a like or follower service provider. Here you can find out who is not following you and mutual followers. Here you can restore and increase your followers.

11. Top followers and like

Top followers and like is an amazing application that has great features of smart hashtag ideas. This can help you to enhance your Instagram followers. This app gives you the best hashtag ideas you can use in your posts and naturally helps you increase your Instagram followers.

12. Followers insight

‘Follower’s insight helps you in finding all inactive followers and ghosts that are of no use to your account. With this app you can get a lot of details that will help you generate more followers.

13. Followers pumper android

‘Follower’s pumper android is one of the best ways to gain Instagram followers. You can get the best trends and ideas of popular hashtags that can be used to generate more likes and followers organically.

14. Get 1000 plus followers’followers’ android

Get 1000 plus followers android helps as an app to improve your follower base. We consider this as one of the best apps to gain followers and improve your hashtag suggestions.

15. Get more followers for Instagram

Get more followers for Instagram is another amazing Insta app that helps you in getting the best tips to gain more Insta followers and relevant hashtags.

16. Share Supplier

Share supplier is an amazing tool that helps you in gaining and finding followers, visits, likes, comments, etc. Isn’t that cool?

17. Mega Follow

Mega follow is one unique tool allowing Instagrammers to attract as many followers as possible. You can also quickly find new followers.

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18. Insta Swift

Insta swift is a service that can be used to gain Insta followers, likes and help you become popular in a short span of time.

19. Insta zood

Insta zood is a lovely bot-based tool that helps in enhancing your commitment quickly. It usually runs on autopilot and hence is a good choice.

20. TagsForLikes

TagsForLikes helps in attracting Instagram followers as they tag your pictures with the most popular Instagram hash tags.

21. TagScout

TagScout happens to be an Instagram growth engine that provides you with a lot of Instagram followers easily.

22. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an Instagram analysis tool commonly used by many users. This application helps your Instagram followers grow quickly.

23. IG Forsage

IG Forsage is well known to increase your popularity on Instagram and that too for free! You must only comment and follow a few users. This helps you in getting more followers.

24. Socially relaxed

Socially relaxed is an Insta tool that helps you to find new followers most organically.

25. Rite Forge

Rite Forge is one of the most awesome apps. We say this because you can enhance and optimize your social media publishing, focusing directly on auto-tagging.


With this, we end our post on the best 25 Instagram apps for 2019. With these apps, you can increase your followers and likes on Instagram with ease. So do check them out and enhance your Instagram profile today!

Tips: Watch this really cool YouTube video and start wondering if there’s a way for you to upload the video to your Instagram account. Since Instagram does not allow you to add a YouTube URL to an Instagram post, you will need to: download YouTube videos to your Android, iPhone, or computer; edit and convert videos to meet Instagram’sInstagram’s video needs; upload videos to your Instagram account.

Here are 4 of the easiest ways to share YouTube videos on Instagram.

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