ACEStream Channels List for 2019 –Still Working Acestream Links

When we discuss about popular software, Acestream happens to be one of the best options when we discuss streaming of sports channels. This streaming can be anywhere on computers or even android devices. From what we reckon, many sports fans prefer to live stream channels like Sky sports Acestream, ESPN Acestream, etc in order to watch all their favorite sports events online without missing anything. Because of its availability, this has become an interesting platform worldwide. You actually don’t need to hold any account or subscribe to watch any live sporting events.

For football fans, there are many channels that showcase live streaming of matches without any hassle of loading. The best part is that these services are free and can be accessed from practically any location in the world. The unfortunate truth however is that according to stats, this service happens to be unsafe for streaming since it brings content from official sources without any permission. Hence if you have never heard of Acestream or have not tried it, then this is the site that will help you in getting started and understanding how this service can be utilized.

ACEStream Channels List for 2019

How Acestream links Works

First things first! We will help you understand how you can use the links by Acestream. They use magnet links and pass them through content IDs. Next what they will do is utilize the content IDs because they are very unique and happen to be assigned to streaming channels. The main part is that when you have these content IDs with you, you will clearly be able to stream your desired content instantly and without any hassle.

If you didn’t know this, we would like to tell you that Acestream literally works on Bit Torrent technology. Yeah, we know this is news for you guys. But that’s the truth. We all know that torrent laws practically differ from country to country. However, you might not be aware of the fact that online streaming copyright content is completely illegal. Whether you are doing it through various channels such as Kodi, extratorrents, or Acestream it will be considered as illegal. Therefore we wish to tell you it is important to use complete protection and avoid getting into any kind of troubles that are legal in nature.

When you are using this service and want to avoid getting in legal troubles using these links, kindly ensure that you use a VPN. What we know is that most Internet service providers track torrent based activities and if you are the unlucky person who doesn’t use a VPN service, you potentially increase your risk of getting caught live streaming content that is copyrighted. It is also possible that your ISP might restrict your connections that mean you won’t be able to access any service anymore. Hence, a VPN is completely necessary for your complete online security as well as if you want to access geo-restricted content. We highly recommend FastestVPN because they have high-speed servers that are optimized for streaming and are best vpn for torrenting, they also offer exception services such as data encryption and online protection.

How to Use Acestream?

The next step understands how Acestream can be used. The Acestream platform basically uses the Bit Torrent client. Hence with such a client, you will get a fast internet connection in order to get the best streaming experience. The best part is that you don’t require any kind of subscription, log in or pay any amount in order to stream on Acestream links. You can understand by now that this service is absolutely free.

When you plan to take the next step of streaming Acestream channels, there are many things you need to keep in mind. To stream with the help of Acestream channels, you need to first install the app from the website. Once you have downloaded the app on your device, all you need will be content ID. What’s a content ID? This is basically a magnet link that brings you media content from completely different sources. Since Acestream will allow you to stream channels, each channel will be assigned a unique content ID and if you want to watch that specific channel you will need that unique ID. Also, if you want to watch BBC, then it is general knowledge that you will need a BBC content ID and that you will need to add in the Acestream service.

Here is how you can use Acestream in detail:

  1. The first step for you will be to Download and install Acestream from
  2. Next you will Launch Acestream Player and Select Media.
  3. Post that you will have to Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  4. Finally you will Hit on the Play button.

You must know that once you hit the play button, it might take some time to launch the stream. This also depends on your internet speed connection, the popularity of the stream, and also the number of peers uploading streaming content. Hence if you happen to have a fast internet connection, the buffering will not take a long time and you will be able to stream whatever you want without any lag time.

How to Download Acestream on Different Devices?

You must understand that Acestream is only available for Android and Windows devices. Hence if you have a Windows PC or any Android device to install Ace Player, you can then watch your desired content in HD easily. In order to make it easy for everyone, we have mentioned below the way to get Acestream on Windows and Android. All you need to do is follow this simple guide:

How to Install Acestream on Windows

  1. First you will Visit on Chrome, Firefox etc
  2. Then you will download Ace Player HD app.
  3. Install the Player on your Windows device, after accepting the license agreement.
  4. Next you will Uncheck “‘Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software’’.
  5. After all this, you will Launch Ace Player and Select Media.
  6. Next you can Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of the channel you want to watch.
  7. Finally click on the Play button.

How to Install Acestream on Android

  1. First you will Visit from your Android device
  2. Then you will download Ace Player from the website or from the Play Store
  3. After that you can Install the Player on your Android device
  4. Finally you can Launch the Ace Player
  5. Post launching, you must click on the menu which is on the top-right corner and select Enter Content ID. Then you will enter the Content ID of your desired channel.
  6. Finally you will click on “Open”.

How to install Acestream on Mac

If you want to install Acestream, you must know that this is only compatible with Windows and Android devices if you want to stream content like the soda player.

Here is how:

  1. First you will download & Install Soda Player from here
  2. Then you will Copy/Paste the media player to your Applications folder
  3. Next you will launch the Soda Player and add an Acestream URL/Content ID
  4. Finally you can enjoy streaming your desired content via AceStream Mac

How to install Acestream on Kodi

If you want to know how you can use Acestream on Kodi, you have reached the right place. You can use this service via Plexus Kodi Addon. The process to install Plexus add on is pretty simple. After installing add on, you can clearly add your Acestream links to start streaming. Next you can use a Kodi VPN when streaming on Kodi, but we must warn you that it is unsafe and might get you in trouble for copyright infringement if you’re streaming with unofficial Kodi addons.

Also Read: How to upload a YouTube video from your Google Chrome web browser to your computer. Your best bet to stream HD videos without advertising or limitations is to use the Jihosoft 4k downloader on your PC, but you can still use a range of websites to download videos from Google Chrome. Keep in mind that most YouTube download sites are ad-sponsored and will not be able to download copyright-protected content; most YouTube download sites are also unable to download 1080p videos. Because downloading YouTube videos violates Google’s terms and conditions, Chrome extensions that aim to do so usually don’t work.Here we list some extensions can do the work.

Download 4K Video Downloader for Windows Download 4K Video Downloader for Mac

Here is a detailed view of how to do that:

  1. First you will launch Kodi, go to Settings, Select File Manager and then click on Add Source
  2. Then you will select <NONE> option and paste this URL >
  3. Next you will click Ok and enter a name for the repository i.e. “LazyKodi”
  4. Post that you will Hit the OK button and return to Kodi main screen
  5. Now Choose Add-ons and then click on Add-on Installer
  6. Then you will Install from Zip file and select LazyKodi > Repositories > Androidaba > Repositories >
  7. After that you can select to add it to your repository
  8. Then Click Install from Repository> .Kodil Repository > Select Program Add-ons > Plexus > and hit Install
  9. Return to Kodi main screen, choose add-ons and launch Plexus
  10. In order to livestream sports on Plexus AceStream add-on, please select AceStream: Play AceStream hash/Torrent URL> Copy a Content ID from out list below and Paste it here.
  11. Finally, all you need to do is wait for the stream to begin.

Updated Acestream Links – 2019 Acestream Channels

We do not own or broadcast any of these AceStream Channels. They’ve been scrapped online from different locations. ACEStream Entertainment Channel
Inter Milan vs. Juventus
KICK OFF//18.45GMT//19.45CET

  1. db7f4a5383df6caa35b4f769451748563c9dc2bf SKY
  2. 78637dab85e7948057165ad0c80b3db475dd9c3d ELEVEN SPORT
  3. d177240ccfd95ec90ccf4690d28415131181b3f1 MOVISTAR
  4. 78637dab85e7948057165ad0c80b3db475dd9c3d MATCH TV
  5. dbd8a7887ae3b596aceaa96d6f9b8f201e56108b MATCH TV

Barcelona vs. Sevilla
KICK OFF//19.00GMT//20.00CET

  1. 6be27cec08f2540ab11a3cccf5cc34614fe9e9ca BEIN
  2. 4f46216f60f8031f2e6e9d6d8c81f91cdf529178 BEIN
  3. 6be27cec08f2540ab11a3cccf5cc34614fe9e9ca BEIN
  4. 0957c818196d697d7f4f995cc4cbd20167eaa54a BEIN
  5. 08b3ea7594985ab19a5eab455658e49df33c94be MOVISTAR
  6. 32ba970156ee8fa62d59ff64407112052dcc17b5 MOVISTAR
  7. 9429543bb6208937628f6313e21aec22676c373c MOVISTAR
  8. b6bebe8b022debf709b03d0a749a2d25a5483793 MOVISTAR
  9. 65d49691687add6a93692a757817bac4f204ed1f MATCH TV

Saint-Étienne vs. Olympique Lyonnais
KICK OFF//19.00GMT//20.00CET

  1. b0dc00794bd79d8dc1d60e36907cf86a3579a57b MOVISTAR
  2. 78637dab85e7948057165ad0c80b3db475dd9c3d MATCH TV

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