MP3 Monkey Alternatives | 16 Best MP3 Music Downloaders on The Web

If you love listening to music, then you must be looking for a great music downloader.
MP3 Monkey is a good website for users to listen to MP3 songs online or download the song to MP3 format. But if the downloaded song is not in the audio format you need you still need, you can always use the audio converter to convert the downloaded song to another supported audio format.

I am a music lover, and one thing I love the most is to have my favorite tracks saved on my phone or computer memory for easy access.

In today’s world, music lovers prefer to download their favorite music immediately when they are released. And with the existence of online tools like MP3 Monkey, downloading just any type of music has become very easy.

If you have never heard of MP3 Monkey, well it is an online site where people go to download music.

MP3 Monkey has a very clean interface and works as a search engine for music. Users can directly enter the song keyword in the search box and MP3 Monkey will get you the whole collection of the MP3 songs related to the keyword. MP3 Monkey does not host any of the songs, and all the songs are from the internet.

Apart from MP3 Monkey, there are other similar sites. There are tons of them. And as a result, music lovers get stuck when it comes to choosing the right platform to use. Most of the sites display tons of advertisements, making it difficult to download music. You will be wasting your time and the internet for no good reason.

All the music downloading sites we have discussed in this article will allow you to access and download songs for free without being interrupted by annoying advertisements.
Let’s get started to know some of the best music downloading sites of today.

Free 16 MP3 Monkey Alternative Sites

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Mp3Juices is a free mp3 search engine and tool. To download music from this site, all you have to do is type in your search query containing the keywords, choose the sources you would like to search on then click the search button. A list of search results will be displayed with the options to download and play the song. This usually takes a few seconds depending on the number of sources you choose to search from.

Also, you can convert a video’s audio into an MP3. All you have to do is paste in the URL of the video and then click the search button and the conversion of the video will begin. So, if its music video you’ve just watched on YouTube, and you’d love to have its MP3 version, this is perfect platform to convert it into an MP3.

Mp3Juices is a free mp3 search engine and tool.

2. LoundTronix

LoundTronix is also another great alternative for MP3 Monkey. Just like, all you have to do is run a search query, and search results will be shown to you. It also has a converter where you can be able to convert videos to mp3 by just pasting in the link of the video into the search bar and hitting the search button.

There are two problems with this site though; longer videos take time to convert and download and, the conversion is only quicker on a computer than it is on a mobile device.

LoundTronix is also another great alternative for MP3 Monkey.


I must say, is one of my favorites. It is so easy to use and works perfectly well on both computer and mobile devices. It allows you to play and download songs free of charge. All you have to do is run a search for the music you would like to download using the relevant keyword. The keyword can contain the name of the song, name of the artist, or a few lines of the lyrics of the song. Apart from searching music from the platform, you can also be able to play and download from the Top Searches page. From the page, you will be able to see some of the music people are searching for. lets people play and download music in different formats. That is 3gp, mp3, and mp4 formats. lets people play and download music in different formats.


Just as the name suggests, FreeMP3Downloads is totally free to use. It allows music lovers to download their favorite music in mp3 and mp4 formats. From the search area, you can search a particular song by entering the search query then clicking the “Go” button to begin the search.

This online tool also allows people to convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Vimeo and other channels to MP3 or MP4.

Songs have also been categorized in terms of countries. For example, you can be able to view a list of Top Songs in the World or Top in the US. The links are available in the top menu of the main site.

FreeMP3Downloads is totally free to use. It allows music lovers to download their favorite music in mp3 and mp4 formats.

5. BeeMp3

BeeMP3 is an old mp3 search engine of the web. With BeeMP3, you can be able to download music for free and also convert YouTube videos to mp3. You can also stream music online without having to download it.
With BeeMP3, you don’t need to register for an account to start using it. All you have to do is search the song using relevant keywords.

Also, for every song, you will get detailed information like bitrate, duration, and the file size of the particular mp3.

BeeMP3 is an old mp3 search engine of the web.

6. My Free MP3

One distinguishing feature about My Free MP3 is the ability to allow people to download a collection of songs by one artist at once.

It’s swift and will provide you with search results in just seconds. The only con about this site is the inability to convert YouTube videos into MP3.


The site went dark for some time but it’s now back. It is composed of thousands of great songs, and they use YouTube’s service as their primary source for music. The great thing about is that their service is totally free.

One thing though, you cannot be able to play music directly from the site as you would with other sites.

8. Epitonic.Com

In, you can play and download legal mp3 music files for free. Also, you can browse music files in terms of their labels, artists, popularity, or genres from the main website.

These links Download Free MP3 Music, Careers in Singing, Download Music for Free, Free Download Mp3 Song, Music Artists, Music Albums, Free MP3 Music, and Hip Hop Music make it very easy to navigate through the website. And if you want to search for music, using relevant keywords is all you need.

If you are a fan of upcoming artists, this website is a great platform where you will find their music all for free.

9. Mp3Skull

This is one of the most popular downloaders for latest music. It has been in existence for so long making it one of the best websites for downloading mp3 music on the web.

It has an amazing search engine that produces search results in few seconds when a user runs a search query. And with its music player, one can be able to play music right from the website.

10. Mp3box

Just like MP3Skull, mp3 Music in mp3box has been categorized in terms of genres, popularity, and artists. It allows users to stream music online for free, which you can play and download to your device. To be able to download mp3 music from this site, you will have first to download their client setup. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged for downloading their setup. It is free.

11. MP3Searched

It is one free MP3 download site that has detailed song categories. Every popular country has a top forty chart for users to find and download fresh and popular songs.

12. MP3Cool

MP3Cool is a song and lyrics free download site. It has Top Songs, New Downloads and Fresh Songs categories to let its users know what’s new and fresh in the music industry. It is also free and easy to use.

13. Mp3Bear

MP3Bear is a free site for music download that supports both listening to music and sharing the songs directly. Its Most Popular MP3 AND Top MP3 Searches lists are so helpful especially if you want to listen to something cool and you don’t have an idea of what to listen to.

14. Mp3Raid

MP3Raid lets you listen to any MP3 file before downloading it. All the music listed on this site is all legal. The site also allows for creating profiles where you can post your mp3 for free.


This download site allows users to download MP3 for free. It also supports Top 2O artists and Top 20 tracks.

16. iMusic

I can comfortably confirm that iMusic is the best MP3 Monkey’s alternative. It offers amazing features for listening and downloading mp3 music from the platform. The software works perfectly well on both Windows and Mac, allowing users to have a great experience when downloading songs.

Some of the characteristics that make iMusic unique include:

  1. iMusic downloads music from popular sites such as Vevo, YouTube, Pandora, Dailymotion and 3000+ more sites.
  2. It allows for easy management and transfer of music from iOS and Android devices to iTunes.
  3. Cleans iTunes for broken music files.

How to Download music via iMusic?

After you have successfully download iMusic on your Windows or Mac computer, you will need to follow the steps below to download your favorite music

There are other MP3 Monkey alternatives on the web but believe me, you cannot find any other MP3 Monkey alternative which has the powerful downloading function as iMusic. Some of MP3 Monkey alternatives cannot collectively download audios. Some of MP3 Monkey alternatives cannot remove the ads in the original audio file. Some of MP3 Monkey alternatives download audio at a low speed. Only iMusic is recommended by most of users as the all-in-one audio downloader and the best MP3 Monkey alternative.

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