9 Best Free Online Facebook Video Downloaders to Save Facebook Videos

Facebook is a popular online social networking service where users have the liberty to upload statuses, photos, and share videos. Facebook is, in fact, the second-best platform for the sharing of online videos after YouTube. Many users prefer YouTube videos because they can be downloaded via a variety of tools or through links. What if we tell you that there are also apps through which you can download Facebook videos? That’s correct! We have compiled 9 of the best free Facebook video downloaders for you. By using one of them, you will have unlimited access to your favorite content!

Gone are the days when you could only watch the videos by connecting to the internet. Now you can use the Facebook video downloader and watch videos without being interrupted because of a slow network or buffering. In fact, downloading the videos through these apps will also get rid of the annoying ads that are now popular during the video is being played.

The 9 Best Ways to Save Facebook Videos in 2019

You may want to know how it works. First, you need to know that the downloader can be in the form of an online video downloader, such as KeepVid or a browser plug-in/add-on for Chrome or Firefox. It can also be software such as 4K Video Downloader. In this post, we will share 8 of the best free Facebook video downloaders with you. Choose from one of them, you will be able to download your favorite videos from Facebook quickly.

1. 4K Video Downloader

Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is a very powerful video download software. With it, not only can you download Facebook videos, but you can also save videos from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Metacafe, and other sites. The best part of this program is that it supports multiple video formats, which include MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, MOV, etc, so you can use it with confidence. Plus, the software allows you to download video covers and subtitles and also lets you convert video to MP3 audio, which is impossible with those online Facebook video downloaders.

Download 4K Video Downloader for Windows Download 4K Video Downloader for Mac

How to download Facebook videos with software:

  1. Download and install the 4K video download software from Jihosoft website
  2. Find the Facebook video you want to download, then right-click on it and select Show Video URL. After that, copy the displayed video URL.
  3. Next, run the 4K Video Downloader and paste the link address into the program.
  4. The software will start to analyze the link. After a few seconds, a box will pop up, set your preferences here, then click Download.
  5. The Facebook video will begin downloading. After completed, you can find it on the Finished page and click the button to play it directly.

Using Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader to Save Facebook Videos.

2. Getfvid

Getfvid is one of the best sites available online for the conversion of online Facebook videos to mp4 (video) or MP3 (audio). You can download them for free. It is compatible to use on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

How to save a video from Facebook:

  1. Copy a FB Video URL.
  2. Paste the URL in a field above.
  3. Click the “Download” button to Save Facebook video.

Using Getfvid to Save Facebook Videos.

Therefore all you need to do is to enter the URL in the text box provided and use the button labeled “Download” to download the video in the available format. The usage of the website is free and does not require any software or registration. So go ahead and enjoy the unlimited use of the website!

Before proceeding to use it, you might need to add Getfvid (Facebook Video Downloader) extension to your browser. After that, you can go to the wanted page on Facebook which has the video file you want to download. When you get to the page, you will notice a “Download” (HD or SD) button. After you click on it, you will be automatically taken back to the download page where you can save the video.

For downloading private videos from Facebook, you can use a private video downloader; getfvid.com/private-downloader. Normally, only those who are able to see the video’s code can download it. Using this tool allows you to capture the video, and it still allows it to remain private. Of course, you should still always value the copyrights of the videos you are downloading.

Getfvid respects your privacy and does not store videos that you download. It does not keep copies of downloaded videos either. All of the videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. The track of the download history is not kept either, which makes it a safe and trustworthy platform.

Using Getfvid to Save Facebook Videos.


FBDown is another great platform to save the Facebook video. After you save them, depending on whether you are an Android or Apple user, the video gets saved in the downloads folder. You can also press CTRL+J in your Browser to view your download history. It supports about five languages and the ones going to be added soon to the site are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish.

How to use the online FB video downloader:

  1. Right click on the video you wish to download and then choose ‘copy video URL at current time’.
  2. Go to FBDOWN.net
  3. Paste the URL and choose the download option
  4. Choose the quality you wish your video to be downloaded in. The best option is HD.
  5. If the video starts playing instead of being downloaded, go back to step 3 and choose the save as option instead to download the video.
  6. If any error is received, check if the video is public or private. You can also download the extension for Chrome if you notice any difficulties in using the downloader.

Using FBDOWN to Save Facebook Videos.

4. SaveAs.CO

SaveAs HD video is an amazing private facebook video downloader. It helps you go through your facebook to choose the video you want to download. It is a matter of a few minutes only. It works on any device, whether it be Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, or Android, and is 100% safe & secure.

How to download videos from facebook:

  1. Play the video, then right-click on it and choose ‘Show video URL’
  2. Go to SaveAs.co
  3. Paste the URL in the space given and click download for the process to initiate
  4. Choose the quality you want the video to be downloaded in.

Using SaveAs.CO to Save Facebook Videos.

5. FBDownload.io

FBDownload is truly the best online FB video downloader in the market. Using this downloader, you can go through the whole process effortlessly and with ease. Your videos will get downloaded in the best quality possible, and you will not face any issues with the speed while downloading. It is a one minute process where you only have to enter the video link and the rest is taken care of. It is completely free and secure to use. There is no additional download required to use this downloader.

How to download facebook videos:

  1. First, you need to copy the video link. For that, you need to find the video you want to download. Then right click on it and choose the ‘show video URL’ option.
  2. Copy the link and paste it to the search field.
  3. Click the Download button to start the process.
  4. All the available links are displayed on the screen. You need to choose among the save/download option as the final step.

Using FBDownload.io to Save Facebook Videos.

6. Savefrom.Net

Savefrom is an online Facebook video downloader. This one provides a fantastic service that will help you download the videos at the fastest speed possible and completely free of charge. You don’t have to install any other software or lookup for an online service for downloading online videos. This is your best bet to a hassle-free downloading process! You can download TV shows or sports games from any website, not only Facebook.

How to save a video from facebook:

  1. First you need to copy and paste the targeted URL to the field on the top of the page.
  2. Then click the button on the right to start parsing the video link.
  3. Next select to download video in browser, and choose the video quality.
  4. Click download to save facebook video to the computer.

Using Savefrom.Net to Save Facebook Videos.

7. FBvideo Saver

This online FB video downloader is a recent one. It started off big in May 2018 and ever since its release it has been a popular choice for a downloader. The users have the liberty to download the videos in HD or SD quality along with a video preview. So if you are searching for a hassle-free way to save Facebook videos, you don’t have to look anymore!

How to download videos from facebook:

  1. Start from copying the Facebook video URL.
  2. Paste the link into the search box at the top of the page and hit the download Facebook button.
  3. The Facebook video downloader will convert Facebook video URL into the download link
  4. Voila! Now you can videos from Facebook in SD or HD quality.

Using FBvideo Saver to Save Facebook Videos.

8. QDownloader

With the advent of multimedia, we see thousands of useful videos that we want to save for future reference or share with others. This is where QDownloader comes into play. Using this online video downloader, you can easily download videos from multiple websites.

The free video downloader lets the users download videos from over 800 websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo among many others. It is free of cost and has a high download speed. It is also 100% secure and reliable. It is a straight forward process that is easy to understand. It is described below;

How to download facebook videos:

  1. Find a video that you want to download, then copy its link.
  2. Paste the video’s link in the download box at the top of this page.
  3. Now tap on the “Download” button
  4. Next, a list of all the available video resolutions and formats will be shown. Find the one that you need, right-click on the “Download” button next to it, and select the Save/Download option to start downloading the video to your computer or phone.

Using QDownloader to Save Facebook Videos.

Tip: If you want to download videos from YouTube, here are 12 best free YouTube video downloaders that will make it easy for you.

Hassle-free, isn’t it? And the best thing about it is that it does not cost a dime! It does not even require you to register for an account or download any software. Cherry on top, you get to download the videos in HD, SD, and many other available resolutions. There is no limit to the number of downloads and the speed is impressive.

9. FB.Video.Bizh

FBVideo is an excellent tool that enables you to download videos from Facebook with high quality. The best part of this online FB video downloader is that it is completely free and unlimited. Meanwhile, it also supports downloading private Facebook videos.

Normally, you only need to paste the Facebook video link into the box and press the “Download” button, then wait a few minutes and the video file will be ready. If the video is private, you should first enable private mode, then insert the video URL and view the source, then paste the text in the box above to download the private video.

Using FB.Video.Bizh to Save Facebook Videos.

Now that you know about all the best free Facebook video downloaders, you can start using them to download your favorite videos from anywhere and watch them later in offline mode!

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