How to Download Twitch Videos, Clips, and Vods Easily

It can be quite relaxing to come home after a tiring day and settle down to watch your favorite Twitch streams. Since they are not in the form of condensed videos, you can watch Twitch while doing some other work or enjoy it over a long period of time. Whether you like video podcasts or gaming streams of different kinds, twitch is the place for you. All you need to do is set up an account, and you will be ready to use all the benefits of twitch. You will have access to streams, VODs, and clips on Twitch.

VOD or Video on Demand is a much-loved feature whereby the Twitch live streaming service allows fans to watch past broadcasts of streamers even when they are offline. If you have missed a live stream conducted by our favorite streamer in real-time, you can go to the profile later and locate the stream you are looking for. However, you should remember that the saved videos or VODs tend to expire after a while, leaving you unable to watch the past streams.

This is why many streamers and viewers want to know how to download twitch VODs. By storing them on your computer, you will be able to keep them within your reach. Not only can you store VODs locally, but you will also be able to upload them to another platform once you have downloaded the original version.

Finding the Best Clips

You might even see some Twitch clips when you are browsing the platform. These are very short videos that capture a particular event that took place during a stream. Viewers can take them in real-time to preserve the memory. You might also want to download a twitch clip so you can make a collection of your favorite clips.

Finding the perfect Twitch clip downloader or Twitch video downloader is not as easy as you would think. You will find many services claiming that they will allow you to download all your favorite Twitch videos, but more often than not, there are certain compromises that you have to make.

If you are wondering how to download twitch videos, then you have come to the right place. We understand the importance of downloading all your favorite Twitch moments and streams so that they do not get lost. We will tell you how you can accomplish twitch clip download, or even download entire streams.

Part 1. How to Download Twitch Videos and Clips

You will have to take the help of certain software that is designed for such purposes. We love Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader and Untwitch for all your Twitch downloading needs. Both this software is easy to use, and you will face no problems if you are not used to such a program.

1. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

If you are looking for the best video downloader available on the market, then your search has ended. This 4K Video Downloader from Jihosoft is absolutely brilliant, and you can use it both on PC and Mac. Not only does it allow you to download videos from Twitch, but you can also download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and more.

Download 4K Video Downloader for Windows Download 4K Video Downloader for Mac

With this 4K downloader, you will be able to save the online videos in any format that you wish. You can store them in resolutions such as 1080P, 2K, 4K, 8K, etc. Moreover, they will retain all your quality preferences when you are playing them offline. What’s more, you will be able to convert the Twitch videos into different formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is a very powerful download manager, and it is designed to make the entire process easy for you. It takes care of all the difficult steps so that you can download everything you want without stressing yourself out. You will be able to appreciate the actual value of this software, especially in situations when you do not have access to Internet services. If you do not want to pick your download preferences every time you download something, you can use the one-click download mode. The system will apply your preset controls automatically.

The following are the specific steps to download videos and clips from Twitch:

2. Untwitch

If you want a website that will allow you to download Twitch videos without any hassle, then you might want to check out Untwitch. The site was created out of a strong need to meet the demands of viewers who wanted to download Twitch clips or videos for later viewing. The idea is to help fellow twitchers ‘untwitch’ which means that you take the videos off Twitch and watch them offline.

You will save a significant amount of data this way, and it will be helpful if you are in a place with a weak Internet connection. Streams can run for very long periods, so if you do not want 12 hours’ worth of video, then you can adjust the start and end of the video stream that is to be downloaded. The system will offer to download around 1 hour of footage from the beginning of the video if the Twitch stream is much longer than that. This way, you will not have to deal with timeouts and broken downloads.

Untwitch is unable to provide you with accurate file sizes for the videos that you download. It would take multiple additional servers that would scan all the small files to get an exact number. Untwitch will only offer you estimated file sizes, and that should not be a problem. However, you should always check the information available online to get an idea of what the downloaded size should be. The brand has also come up with a Twitch clip downloader with the help of which you will be able to download as many clips as you want.

How do you use it?

It is not difficult to operate the Twitch video downloader. You have to follow a series of simple steps to untwitch videos. You will not have to watch them online over and over again. The site will allow you to experiment with different formats and sizes when it comes to the downloaded video. As mentioned before, you can also specify the length of the downloaded video.

Using Untwitch to download Twitch Videos and Clips.

In order to ensure that the download works, make sure that you are copying the video link from directly. When the Twitch video is in viewing mode, you will be able to right-click on the browser address bar and select the option Copy. You can also tap on the Share button, and use the Copy Link feature. With this website, you will be able to convert your favourite Twitch streams into mp3.

Part 2. How to Download Twitch VODs

If you are a Twitch streamer, you can download your own previous broadcasts through the Twitch website itself. You will have a window between which the previous broadcasts will be available.

How to Download Twitch VODs

If you are a viewer, you can use Twitch Leecher to download VODs:

If you are a viewer, you can use Twitch Leecher to download VODs

Now that you know how to download Twitch videos and clips, you will be able to create your own curated collection of all your favorites. It might take you a while to figure out what your preferences are, but that is no reason to keep yourself from trying these wonderful software.

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