How to Cut Part of A YouTube Video?

So you get here looking for some way to clip a YouTube video? In this post, we are going to show you 2 methods to trim a YouTube video in different cases. One is to clip YouTube video with YouTube video editor, and the other is to trim a YouTube video with the best free YouTube video clipper.

Part 1. How to cut part of YouTube video of your own?

Sometimes, after you upload a video to YouTube, you’ve just found that there is some part of the video you don’t want to show with viewers and you need to cut that out. Usually, you may think of deleting the video and re-uploading a new one. Well, that is feasible but it is undoubtedly time-consuming. Instead of re-uploading a new video, you can cut part of YouTube video with YouTube’s built-in video editor. Here is how to clip a YouTube video:

Part 2. How to trim a YouTube video that’s not yours?

If you like to cut part of a YouTube video owned by others and share the edited video on your own social networking, you cannot edit the video directly through the YouTube’s video editor. You’ll need some YouTube video downloader to download the video first and then use some YouTube video clipper to trim a YouTube video that’s not yours.

Jihosoft Video Editor

To pick up a tool for clipping a YouTube video, we would firstly suggest Jihosoft Video Editor, which is the best free YouTube video clipper. This program has no limit to the size of the video files imported into the program and it support almost all pop video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, so you can easily trim a video file of any size and any format. Moreover, the program allows you to precisely set up the start time and end time of the video while the processing speed is very fast. Intuitive UI make it very easy to use even for the beginners. So, if you are interested, you can download the software on your PC (Windows 10, Windows 8/7/XP) and follow the guide below to trim a YouTube video that’s not yours.

Now, a new video is generated without any quality loss.

Windows 10 Video Editor

If your PC runs Windows 10, its inbuilt app Video Editor is another option for you. Video Editor allows you to trim video, split video, add text to video, control the video playing speed, add filters and 3D effect to video; Now, it is an excellent YouTube video clipper. Let’s see how to use this app to trim YouTube video that’s not yours.

iMovie – YouTube video clipper for Mac

iMovie is a video editing program developed by Apple and it is usually pre-installed on Mac computer. If you are using a Mac computer, then iMovie is the best free YouTube video clipper to clip a YouTube video. Next, let’s see how to use trim a YouTube video that’s not yours through iMovie.

Hashcut YouTube video clipper

Hashcut is an online website as well as Chrome extension that allows you to trim YouTube video that’s not yours and make it your own. You can make the video more eye-catching by adding text and stickers. If you like to trim several different YouTube videos and merge multiple clips into a single reel, this free YouTube video clipper can also make it.

After that, you can share the video across FB, Twitter, Discord, SMS, WhatsApp, & more.

Similar online tools such as YtCutter, Kapwing are also helpful for clipping YouTube video. If you are interested, you can give it a try. If you have any better suggestion, please feel free to share with us by leaving comment below.

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