Best 13 Websites Providing ROMs and Emulators Like EmuParadise

In the generation of advanced technology, the websites which offer Emulators and Emulators ROMs have great importance for the gamers. ROMs emulator is the hardware or software which is carrying the data directly copied from the Read Only Memory (ROM). But getting the ROMs through the means of websites which provides Emulators and Emulators ROMs will surely improve the overall experience of the gamers. This will ultimately give you the best gaming services without using any type of hardware which gets damaged easily. For example, let users free download the emulators like gba, psp, ds and more to enhance their gaming experience. But after the shut down of EmuParadise, where to get ROMs now?

Best 13 Websites Providing ROMs and Emulators

Thankfully, websites like are also available for the users which have more games and want to enhance the downloading speed. And most importantly, this kind of websites is fully secured and free for all users. You do not have to pay any subscription fees to use their services.

So, we had listed top best 13 websites which provide Emulators and Emulators ROMs like Emulator Paradise for you people. Please have a look on these websites like EmuParadise especially, the gamers should definitely look into it. Every website is having some pros and cons with it, so you can select any of them which is of your interest and which suits you for an enhanced gaming experience. Convenience should be the priority and we had listed and selected all these 13 websites having this perspective in our mind. So just look forward into the list to experience some amazing pieces of stuff in this gaming segment:

#1 Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is the best site for ROMs, and you can get there to access the best Emulators ROMS to play the video games. The regular updates and optimization in the ROM’s and emulators are the best part of this website. Every new update brings the exposure to the new and enhanced gaming experience.


Frankly speaking, this Emulator Paradise alternative website is quite suitable for users who are beginners in the gaming segment. This website provides the rankings of the emulators according to their level, and the best part of this website is that you can watch the streamed videos whenever you want to. There is no restriction in the streaming time of a particular game. Playing video games will surely have some spectacular experience for the beginners.

#3 Manymo

This EmuParadise alternative deals and provides a variety of emulators and ROMs to their gamers. It is purely devoted to the providing of emulators for the Android users to run Android apps on computer. Millions of users had already switched to this website and the next turn is yours. The plus point of this website is that it is quite secure and safe so that your data will not be stolen by any other gamer.


CoolRom is another type of emulator providing websites which are offering brilliant stuff to its users from past many years. Many big gamers had used this website to play retro games on computer or mobile phone and the counting is still going on. It will provide you the emulators according to their rank and popularity among the other gamers. This is probably one of the best alternatives to the website. You can give it a try for a better experience in this field.

#5 Get Your ROM

Get Your ROM website offers a free download to their users. Any user can download any video game for free. There are some minor bugs which need to be fixed but if we talk about the Graphic user-interface (GUI), then you will find it to be just mind-blowing.

#6 Nintendo

Nintendo is another EmuParadise alternative website which offers world-class Nintendo ROM’s to their users. These emulators are very powerful to provide a seamless experience in the gaming section. You can also find the answers to the questions regarding the Nintendo video game emulators and Nintendo video ROM’s to enhance the knowledge and experience. The website is fully secured and all your confidential data will be safe on this website.

#7 Mobile Emulators form Device Manufacturers (OEM)

This website is specialized in manufacturing and providing the desktop emulators. These emulators have very great importance in playing Android games on PC for example Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). This will enhance the playing experience because users love to play on PC rather than their phone because of the compatibility which PC offers to them. So, if you want to play the Android games on PC, then this website will accomplish your task very well.

#8 RomHustler

According to the experienced gamers and users, offers the best ROM’s and emulators to them. We too had used this website and we are glad to tell you that these gamers are right. There are multiple options for the users to choose the emulators and ROM out of the different available there. Emulators are listed according to their rank and popularity like as the other websites. But the quality it offers is just unbeatable and you will surely have a good experience with it.


This website may not the best place to search for the emulators. However, you will find a large variety of video games in which some of them are free to play and some of them require little investment to play. You can also find Casino Games if you want to play that kind of sort. As mentioned above, you will find very a limited number of emulators on this website but all are very good if you go through them.

#10 ROM World

Though the site requires little optimization and maintenance, this website is also a very good alternative to the website. Over 20,000 ROM’s and emulators are available on this website which enables iOS users to run apps on PC. This website will also guide you with the instructions you need to play the game in the advanced version. ROM World website is known for the quality and quantity of the ROM’s it offers to their users from past many years.


Apart from providing the ROMs and video games to its users, this website has a great source of all the codes which are required for the use of ROMs. You can easily search for the company name who had manufactured that ROM just by looking at the symbol. This site will provide you the previews of almost every kind of ROM’s.

#12 Emulator ROM’s

As the name of the website suggest itself that it provides the emulators and ROM’s to their users. But the highlighting feature of this website is that you can search for the emulator and ROM for your PC according to the size and compatibility. This website will automatically suggest you the name of the ROM which you can employ for gaming purpose.


This website is designed for the users who want to switch on the PC from Mac. The emulators which this website offers are compatible both with the Windows and MacOS. Some of the emulators are free to use and some of them are paid according to the features they offer. These emulators are extremely fast and help enhance the gaming experience of the users.


Gamers require the best ROM’s and Emulators to play in the best possible manner, and this requirement is fulfilled by the websites like Emulator Paradise which we had listed above. Although you will find every website having an edge over one another, they all are very compatible and relevant for all users. If you have some knowledge about any other alternative websites to EmuParadise, then please let us know in the comments section below. Your contribution will be appreciated.

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