7 Ways to Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error Blue Screen in Windows 11

Solid operating system though it is, Windows often comes into various errors, some of which could even result in a blue screen all of a sudden. However, if you check the blue screen carefully, there are actually a lot of variations of Blue Screen of Death error, such as “There was a problem resetting your PC” and “WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR”. To fix the Whea Uncorrectable Error efficiently, it is important to find the right solutions for the very case. In this article, you’ll know what the Whea Uncorrectable error is and how to fix it in Windows 11/10 with 7 methods.

Whea Uncorrectable Error

What Is the Whea Uncorrectable Error?

The Whea Uncorrectable Error usually appears on the bottom of a blue screen in Windows 10/11 computers as shown above. WHEA is the short term of Windows Hardware Error Architecture, indicating possible errors on the hardware of your Windows computer. It can be caused due to an overclocked CPU, hardware issues, driver conflicts, corrupted system files or you name it. Sometimes it may disappear after rebooting, but, more often than not, users may not be able to access the desktop successfully. In sum, the error is recognized as uncorrectable by the operating system, but there are some solutions we can try.

It is not horrible to find the Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10, because there are several solutions to fix it. However, it is possible that some users’ data could be lost if the error is not handled properly. In case you need to recover lost files from Windows 10 computer, don’t hesitate to try with Jihosoft File Recovery Software as soon as possible.

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Method 1. Disable Overclock in BIOS

A common cause of Windows 10 Whea Uncorrectable Error is an overclocking CPU which makes a computer less stable. Therefore, let’s start with disabling overclock in BIOS.

The steps of enabling the advanced options vary from brand to brand of your computers, which can be found online. After rebooting, check if the problem still exists in your Windows PC.

Method 2. Uninstall Drivers in Safe Mode

In case Method 1 failed to fix the error, it might be a driver conflict issue which needs to be troubleshot in Safe Mode. Please learn how to enable Safe Mode by yourself. The steps below work for certain computers.

Method 3. Uninstall Problematic Updates in Windows 10

If the Whea Uncorrectable Error occurs after upgrading to a new Windows 10 build, then the build or some faulty part of it may be responsible for the issue. You can uninstall the problematic update to have a check.

If it is confirmed that a certain update is the problem-maker, you may block it or wait for a newer update from Microsoft.

Method 4. Check for Hardware Issues

Though we have concluded that the Whea Uncorrectable Error is highly possible a result of hardware issues, it would be better if the above methods could fix the error which takes little effort and cost. Nevertheless, since you’re here now, it is time to check hardware issues in your Windows 10 computer.

You should be warned if the hard drive is not working normally. The checking program will try to repair it. You can also check hard drive for bad sectors with freeware by yourself.

Method 5. Apply Windows Memory Diagnostics

When the RAM of your computers is having problem, there is a great chance for you to experience unstable running, including the Whea Uncorrectable Error. Windows Memory Diagnostics is a hidden system tool in Windows 10 for detecting problems in the RAM.

The utility will try to repair possible errors or guide you for further actions.

Method 6. Fix Corrupted System Files

Corrupted system files can also contribute to the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR issue. There is an easy method to check and repair the corrupted system files in Windows 10.

Wait until the process is completed by itself.

Method 7. Perform a System Restore

We leave this method as the last resort because it may do too much so that the users may lose more settings or optimization. Besides, a lot of people don’t care to make any system restore points.

If you do have a proper system restore point, then you can go to Control Panel > Recovery > System Restore, select a previous state to restore your Windows 10.


Whether it is a hardware issue or a system glitch, it is always suggested to fix the Whea Uncorrectable Error as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may take the risk of losing important files. If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to share with us in the comment.

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