10 Best Sites Like Todaypk Movies to Watch and Download Movies in 2019

Todaypk Movies used to be a website where viewers could watch and download Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and other movies. The website used to be updated with the latest movies released in India and Hollywood. It was actually the best website for India and Bollywood movie lovers. Unfortunately, it became unavailable. It is no longer there.

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Since life has to go on, there are still some other amazing websites where you are able to watch and download your favorite Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindu, and other movies. In this article, we will share with you the best 10 alternatives to Todaypk Movies in 2019 so that you may keep enjoying watching movies even in the absence of Todaypk Movies. Some of these websites are available in some countries while unavailable in other countries. If one of these websites is not available in your area, then you can consider using a VPN instead! And for your convenience, we can directly recommend you the best 5 browsers with VPN in 2019 which can save you the trouble of purchasing another VPN service!

Best Sites Like Todaypk Movies

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1. OnlineMovieWatch

OnlineMovieWatch is one of the best sites Like Todaypk movies to watch & download movies.

OnlineMovieWatch is a website similar to Todaypk Movies, offering full-length Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Telugu, English, and Tamil movies to stream or download for free. All the movies on the website are categorized and easy to find. The website has two categories that are very helpful: Recent Added/Print Updated Movies – From this category, you can find movies recently added to the platform. Usually, the list comprises of the latest movies and those that users requested to be added to the platform. Today Most Watching – If you have no idea about what to watch, you can get a clue from what people are watching and join the fun movement. Another thing about this platform is that its movie categories have subcategories where movies have again been categorized in terms of years of release, making it easy to browse through to find your favorite movies.

2. Hiidude.info

Hiidude.info is a website for streaming and downloading films and songs. It has HD copies of movies, trailers, and reviews of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood entertainment. It also offers dubbed versions of movies. Movies have been marked either HD or camera print. So, it is up to you to decide on what kind of movies you want to watch. There is a special link on the website that leads to the reviews page. You will find all the movie reviews so that you can get as much information from a single movie as possible.

3. Putlocker Mix

Putlocker Mix is one of the best sites Like Todaypk movies to watch & download movies.

Putlocker Mix is an alternative to Todaypk Movies and on this website, users can watch and download various movies and television series online such as Hollywood, Bollywood, comedy, thriller, romance, war, mystery, crime, and so on. You can request a movie/TV series if it is not listed on the platform just by leaving a comment with the name of the movie you would like to watch but is missing on the platform. All these movies are free and with an account, you can stream movies online in HD without being interrupted by annoying ads. One amazing feature that distinguishes Putlocker Mix from other movie websites is the list of some movie stars. From there, you can be able to learn lots of things about a particular movie star, from his biography to some of his latest movies.

4. Gofilms4u

Gofilms4u is a website where users can watch full movies online for free. Aside from Bollywood movies, users can also watch Hollywood movies and Hollywood films dubbed in various regional languages. Movies have been categorized in terms of the year of release, genre, and video quality. The release year list is so massive that you can watch a movie that was released in the 1970s. The Gofilms4u website has an incredible user interface and with the search bar at the top of the page, you can quickly find any movie you like by entering its keywords.

5. Bolly2tolly

Bolly2tolly is one of the best sites Like Todaypk movies to watch & download movies.

As a site like Todaypk Movies, Bolly2tolly is one of the most popular sites for downloading the latest movies and episodes of television shows. These shows and films are available in English as well as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and other local Indian languages. Bolly2tolly has an amazing search filter. You can search a movie according to the year of release, director, cast or language. The A-Z feature also makes it easy to find a movie whose title you may not be so sure of. Their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides answers to questions like “How to turn on/off subtitles, how do I know the quality of a movie, what can I do if I can’t find my favorite movies?”, and more.

6. TodayPK.at

TodayPK.at is a streaming website that features Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam movies, and more. It also has Hollywood movies dubbed in Telugu, Hindi, and other languages. The platform provides an option to watch movies in different formats and qualities. For example, you can watch a movie in HD 720P or full HD 1080P. The website has movies listed in an easy-to-find way with Hollywood movies under their own category. The list of featured movies is enormous that you can never lack something to watch. One thing though, TodayPK.at works in some countries while it is blocked in other countries.

7. Newmovies4me

Newmovies4me is one of the best sites Like Todaypk movies to watch & download movies.

Newmovies4me is a website similar to Todaypk Movies and users can download various movies, mostly Bollywood, online for free from it. Aside from Indian flicks, there are also Hollywood films that can be downloaded in both English and Indian local languages. Apart from movies, you can also listen to and download songs from the platform. There are trailers that are good teasers if you have no idea about what to watch or if you are still looking for something nice to watch. The Live Chat feature makes it easy for users to seek help whenever something is not okay on the platform. Discussing with online agents, one can request for movies that are not available on the platform.

8. Hindilinks4u

Hindilinks4u is a website where users can watch movies for free online. Aside from Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies, it also contains documentaries that are dubbed in the Hindu language. There are over thirty-four categories of movies you can choose from. You can also browse movies by the year of release, actors, and actresses. Apart from the latest movies and dubbed movies, Hindilinks4u has a library of documentaries and biographies.

9. CoolMovieZ

CoolMovieZ is one of the best sites Like Todaypk movies to watch & download movies.

CoolMovieZ is a website where users could download movies for free. Users can download movies to their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. As an alternative to Todaypk Movies, this site also has western movies dubbed in Hindi and Tamil. From the list of the latest movies, there are so many you can choose.

10. Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold is a movie streaming website where users can watch Hollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, dubbed movies, and more. With this site, users can select movies by year, starting in 1970. Just like Bolly2tolly, Online Movies Gold has the A-Z feature which makes it easy to find a movie whose title you may not be certain of. It also has a list of popular movies in which they have been ranked in terms of ratings out of 10. The website doesn’t ask users to sign up first before they can watch movies. It is a free platform and anyone can watch without any problem.

Final Words:

Finding Hindu movies or Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindu should not be a problem now. We have provided you with a list of 10 best alternatives to Todaypk Movies, so you can watch your favorite Hindu, Tamil, Telugu, and other movies for free even at the absence of Todaypk Movies. If any of these platforms are not available in your country, you can always try another. We hope you find this article helpful!

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