Top 9 Mac Cleaner Software to Optimize Your Mac in 2021

Is it even necessary to clean your Mac computer regularly? Right, Mac doesn’t require as much maintenance as Windows PC, which makes the counterpart of free PC cleaning software not that desired. However, you will eventually find all kinds of data or cache accumulated in your Mac, making it hard and time-consuming to find the documents you really need. If you want to clean up and boost your MacBook or iMac, don’t miss out the top 9 Mac cleaner free options in 2021.

Best Mac Cleaner Software.

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1) Smart Mac Care

This is probably the best Mac cleaner software which we have in this list for you. The unique features of this Mac cleaner software make it a very good and excellent choice for all users who genuinely want to get a good Mac cleaner software for their Mac device.

Using Smart Mac Care to Optimize Your Mac.

This awesome Mac optimizer app will help you protect your computer from the attack of malware, trojan virus and any other suspicious activities as well. The real-time virus scan will also help you ensure the privacy protection on your MacBook or iMac. Smart Mac care will also boost-up the performance of your computer by optimizing the CPU to get the best possible stuff. That’s why we are suggesting that Smart Mac Care is an excellent choice as a Mac cleaner software for all Apple users.

2) CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is a big name among Windows users, so we’re not surprised to find it as one of the best Mac cleaner software. This software is used by many professionals to delete all the duplicate files and cache data present in their Mac device. The disk space storage management will also get updated by the use of this Mac cleaner software.

Using CCleaner for Mac to Optimize Your Mac.

In addition, you can run a real-time virus scan which will eliminate the risk of privacy threat. The installation size of this software is also very low which will not consume much space on your Mac device. So, overall a very good option for the second spot of this list of top Mac cleaner apps.

3) Disk Clean Pro

What an incredible app Disk Clean Pro app is for the Mac users. There are so many of different cleaning features present in this Mac cleaner software. This app is also very well-capable of monitoring the network security of your Mac device so that no one can penetrate the security barriers which are present to protect your privacy.

Using Disk Clean Pro to Optimize Your Mac.

With a single click only, you can easily clean up all the duplicate and other suspicious files present in your Mac device. The Graphic UI is also very smooth and well-developed to ensure a better functioning on Mac devices. You can download this app from the Mac App Store for free. There are no in-app purchases related to this app. So, definitely a fantastic option to be placed at the 3rd spot of this list for sure.

4) Daisy Disk

This brilliant Mac cleaner software is designed and developed by Software Ambience Corporation. Using this app on your Mac device, you can easily run full disk scan on your Mac device hassle free to eliminate all the unwanted and duplicate files which are eating up storage space on your Mac device.

Using Daisy Disk to Optimize Your Mac.

Once this app is installed, then it will ask some permissions to access all the files present on your Apple computer. Just grant all the permissions and let the disk scan to be run on your PC hassle free. This app is used and trusted by millions of users on Mac App store and you can also download and install this app on your Mac device without spending a single penny on it.

5) Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is another brilliant Mac cleaner software which is well specialized to manage all the storage related problems of the users with ease. This Mac cleaner app will help you optimize the performance of your Mac device at its best level.

Using Disk Inventory X to Optimize Your Mac.

Moreover, this app also provides you the feature of manual deletion of files. In simple words, every time this Mac cleaner software will detect some files which are eating up the storage space, then it will present a list of those files and folders in front of you so that you can deselect the files and folders which are not meant to be deleted. That’s why this Mac cleaner app is a very good option for the users and we too strongly recommend this app to our readers.

6) Clean My Mac X

This Mac cleaner app is designed and developed by MacPaw which is a very well-known company specialized in Mac related software products and tools. Clean My Mac X is one of their best works. This powerful Mac cleaner software is pretty appealing for most users due to its certified features which should have been present in any ideal Mac cleaner software.

Using Clean My Mac X to Optimize Your Mac.

As like Disk Inventory X, this app will also provide you the feature of previewing files before you delete any single file from your Mac. This Mac cleaner software will also prevent your Mac device from the attacks of malware, trojans and any other suspicious activities. It also prevents spamming which is really a blessing in disguise for the users.

7) Mac Booster 7

This brilliant Mac cleaner software is another very incredible choice which is supported with “Deep system cleanup” feature. The deep system cleanup is an extraordinary feature which will eliminate all the junk files, cache data, suspicious files and will clean up all duplicate files from your Mac device.

Using Mac Booster 7 to Optimize Your Mac.

This Mac cleaner software will also provide a lot of security features to your Mac device. You can easily install this Mac cleaner software app from Mac App store for free. And due to all these excellent features, we have left with no other choice rather than to place this excellent software at the 7th spot in this list.

8) Disk Doctor

The name of this Mac cleaner software will look pretty funny to you at the first instance, but the awesome features which this Mac cleaner software provides you are just incredible. To create more and more disk space on your Mac device by eliminating a maximum number of duplicate and all other unwanted files, Disk Doctor is an ideal choice for you guys.

Using Disk Doctor to Optimize Your Mac.

Disk doctor provides multi-dimensional features which will surely force you to install this app on your device. It will present a pie-chart in front of you so that you can analyze all the different sections where the storage space is consuming more. Moreover, you can also manage the storage of your Mac device by running the “Clean Storage Space” feature present inside this app. So, definitely a very fantastic choice in this list.

9) OnyX

Last but not least, this awesome Mac cleaner software is another excellent one of its kind which will optimize the performance of your Mac device hassle free. Though this app is having basic user-interface which is not very well developed, the overall performance and working of this app are pretty fine and it will sure to bring down this app on your Mac device right from the Mac app store for free. Not the best, but OnyX is surely one of the decent options in this list.

OnyX to Optimize Your Mac.


In this article, we have reviewed the awesome collection of top 9 best Mac cleaner software apps which we want to share with our users. We hope that you like these suggestions and install at least one of these Mac cleaner software in your iMac or MacBook. Of course, there are also many easy solutions available. For example, you just want to find and delete duplicate photos. Please don’t forget to share your favorite alternatives along with the feedbacks and suggestions with that particular app.

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