5 Ways to Retrieve Deleted/Lost Notes on iPad

“I had a very long speech written out in the Note app on my iPad and it somehow got deleted and I desperately need it back. I didn’t have it backed up on iTunes or iCloud. Is there any other way to get it back?”

Have you ever stuck in a similar situation: The important note on your iPad was accidentally deleted and you desperately need it. Sometimes you may also find suddenly your iPad notes disappeared. Is there any way to recover deleted notes from the iPad or get back the lost notes? Here we will show you some methods for iPad notes recovery.

1.Check the Recently Deleted Folder for Deleted Notes

The notes you delete in iPad’s Notes app won’t be wiped clean immediately. Instead, they will be moved into a Recently Deleted folder and stored there for about 30 days before they are permanently removed. So you are likely to recover your accidentally deleted notes from the Recently Deleted folder.

If you have to get back a bunch of deleted notes, you can tap Edit icon in right corner, select the notes you need, then tap Move to and select any folder you like.

Another case is that you use notes with another service like Gmail or Yahoo. Then the note you delete from the Notes app will usually be kept in the Trash folder of that account. You can check the Trash folder of your third-party account in the Mail app. Once you find the deleted note there, copy and paste the note to the Notes app.

2.Get Back Disappeared iPad Notes via Account Settings

If you have synced the Notes app to some cloud services like iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo, your iPad notes can be disappeared when you change the sync settings. Thus, you might as well check your account settings to see if you can recover the lost notes.

3.Retrieve Deleted Notes on iPad without Backup

If you fail to recover the deleted notes on your iPad with the approaches above and happen to have no backup available, then you can try some third-party iOS data recovery software to retrieve your deleted iPad notes without backup. With so many good and bad data recovery apps on the market, Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a good recommendation for you.

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It enables data recovery directly from the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with no backup required. The recoverable data and files include notes, contacts, messages, photos, calendars, reminders, etc. This program works compatibly with the latest iPadOS/iOS and all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air 3/2, iPad mini 4/3/2, iPad with Renita display, iPad/iPad 2/4. It also can help recover your lost data from your iPad backup in iTunes.

4.Recover Deleted/Lost Notes on iPad from iTunes Backup

When it comes to iPad notes recovery, most iOS users might think of iTunes backup. If you keep backing up your iPad data to iTunes regularly, you can recover lost notes from the backup file.

As you can see, you have to restore the whole backup to your iPad and the existing data on your device will be overwritten by the old data in the backup file. Moreover, you never know whether the iTunes backup contains the missing notes you need, so you may end up losing more data.

If you have newly added some valued data which are not backed up yet and don’t want them to be replaced by the contents inside your old backup. Then you might as well use Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to help you access, view, and extract the missing notes from your iTunes backup selectively.

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