4 Ways to Print Text Messages from iPhone

Print Text Messages from iPhone.

“I have a court case and really need to print some texts on my iPhone. Is this possible? How can I do this?”

This is a typical case where you need to print text messages from iPhone. Although there are numerous messaging apps for iPhone now, still people use the native Messages app to communicate with their family, friends, colleagues, and clients, etc. Some valuable text conversations often need to be backed up and sometimes printed to paper for preservation or as evidence.

However, Apple has added many fun features to the Messages app, but there is no printing. So you need to take some workarounds to print text messages from iPhone. Now read this article to find them out and try them.

Note: When you are printing iPhone messages for a court case or other legal purposes, please consult a legal professional and confirm the specific requirements for printing.

1. Print iPhone Text Messages from Notes App

If you only want to keep the text of your conversations and don’t care about the details of the time, date, and sender, you can copy and paste the text into another app that supports printing, and then print it out. Such apps include Notes, Mails, Reminders and so on.

This is a simple and convenient approach, but the text printed out using it cannot be used as evidence in court.

2. Print Out Text Message Screenshots from iPhone

To print text messages from iPhone for court, you need to print them in an unequivocal format, along with the date and time, as well as details of the sender and receiver. It is a great option to take a screenshot of your message text and then print it out. Nevertheless, when you have a mass of text messages to print, you’d better consider a different approach.

3. Use Third-Party Software to Print iPhone Text Conversations

It’s not difficult to print one or two text messages using the previous two methods, but using them to print a large number of text messages is no small challenge. At this point, you need to turn to a tool that can help you export and print your entire text conversations together with the contact, time, date, and other information at once.

Here we will show you a program called Jihosoft iPhone Data Recover. This is a professional software dedicated to iOS data recovery. And it is also an excellent data transfer tool that works perfectly to import your messages from iPhone to the computer as readable formats like TXT and HTML. So that you can print iPhone text messages from the computer in the format you need. The supported iPhone modes range from 4S to the latest 11 series.

Download iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery software for Windows Download iPhone Data Recovery software for Mac

Here’s how to use Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to print iPhone text messages:

If you have synced your iPhone with iTunes, Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery allows you to access and extract text messages from an iTunes backup. You can print SMS messages from iPhone even without the need to connect your iPhone to the computer.

4. Ask Phone Service Provider for a Copy of Text Messages

This method doesn’t always work but you can give it a shot. In order to protect the privacy of the sender and receiver of the text message, the phone service provider will generally refuse your request unless you can give a good reason or present a legal document from the court. Thus, you are not recommended to use this method when you just want a backup of your text messages.

The above are four ways to print text messages from iPhone. Which method you choose depends on your purpose of printing the text (for court cases or backups) and the number of messages to print. We hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any other better approach to print iPhone text messages, please share it with us.

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