How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone with/without iCloud

It is necessary to backup WhatsApp on iPhone. Many iPhone users communicate with their clients, colleagues, family, friends, etc. using WhatsApp. Some conversations can be important or even precious. However, these chats can be lost due to WhatsApp crashes or iPhone failures. In this case, a backup can be your lifesaver to get back the missing WhatsApp data.

When people talk about backing up WhatsApp on iPhone, the first thing that comes to mind is iCloud. Indeed, iCloud is the first choice for backing up WhatsApp data. But do you know there are several other ways that allow you to backup WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud? Read this article and learn a full guide on how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone with/without iCloud.

Part 1. Backup WhatsApp Messages & Media to iCloud

Just as Android users backup WhatsApp to Google Drive, iPhone users always choose to backup WhatsApp to iCloud. Nevertheless, this method will be limited by iCloud storage space, especially for those who do not upgrade their iCloud storage plan.

Before you start:

  1. You should be signed in with your iCloud account.
  2. Make sure there is enough space available in your iCloud.
  3. To save the cellular data usage, you can set your iCloud to only backup over Wi-Fi.

Part 2. Backup WhatsApp Data on iPhone without iCloud

iCloud is the official but not the only option to backup WhatsApp on iPhone. Read on to find out some alternatives to backup your WhatsApp conversations without iCloud.

Option 1: Export WhatsApp chats from iPhone through email

If you want to back up a single or several WhatsApp conversations, it’s recommended to email them to your mail account. But this method is not ideal when you intend to save chats of multiple contacts. Anyway, let’s see how to export WhatsApp chats via email first.

Option 2: Backup WhatsApp to PC/External Drive via Jihosoft iManager

For those who have a mass of WhatsApp messages to be backed up, the best way to backup WhatsApp on iPhone is to use some third-party software like Jihosoft iPhone Manager. This is a professional tool that can manage, transfer and backup your iOS files, including WhatsApp without iTunes. Here’s what Jihosoft iPhone Manager can do for you:

Download iTunes Backup Extractor Download iTunes Backup Extractor for mac

Steps to backup WhatsApp to PC or external drive from iPhone:

Option 3: Backup WhatsApp data on iPhone with iTunes/Finder

The traditional way to back up your iPhone to a PC or Mac computer is using iTunes. Local iTunes backup contains almost all of your device’s data and settings, including WhatsApp data. In macOS Catalina, Finder has taken over the device management capabilities of iTunes. But the backup mode doesn’t change much.

Note: You are not allowed to access and view your WhatsApp data in iTunes backup directly unless you restore your iPhone. So you may use Jihosoft iPhone Manager to freely preview and extract your WhatsApp chats.

Part 3. How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive

“How can I backup my WhatsApp chat on iPhone to Google drive?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions about backing up WhatsApp on iPhone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Google drive in a direct way.

But you may make use of some workarounds to finish this task. You can email WhatsApp messages and media to your Gmail box and download them to Google Drive. Or you can backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC using Jihosoft iPhone Manager, and then upload your data to Google Drive. It all depends on the amount of your chats to backup.


These are methods we collected on how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone with or without iCloud. iCloud is always the quickest and most convenient way to backup messages from iPhone. When you have plenty of WhatsApp chats to backup, it’s recommended to use some third-party tools, such as Jihosoft iPhone Manager to transfer and backup efficiently. Email and iTunes are also good options to backup WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud. As for backing up WhatsApp data on iPhone to Google Drive, you need to take some workarounds to make that happen flexibly.

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