How to Recover Deleted File from Removable Disk

What is removable disk?

Removable disk is any type of storage media that can be removed from a computer while the system is running. Examples of removable media include CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray disks, as well as USB flash drives and memory cards like SD card, CF card, etc. Removable disk may also refer to some portable storage devices like digital cameras or smart phones.

The main advantage of removable disk is that they can deliver the fast data transfer and backup. However, data loss problems are quite common in case of removable disk drives. For example:

“Hey, I had accidentally formatted my 8G USB flash drive. Everything is gone…all photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Any suggestions on how to restore my files back?”

Have you lost important data off your removable disk drive? More unfortunately, you don’t have any backup. Even so, there is no need to panic. The deleted files are not permanently erased from the disk, the deletion only mark the storage of deleted files as blank for storing new files. So, immediately stop using the removable disk, and then use Jihosoft File Recovery or Jihosoft File Recovery for Mac to scan the entire drive and recover deleted files from removable disk.

Download File Recovery for Windows Download File Recovery for Mac

Why Choose Jihosoft Removable Disk Recovery Software?

– Recover deleted photos, videos, music, documents, and more from removable storage drives on Windows and Mac.
– Restore lost data from external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, CF card, digital camera, smart phones, and so on.
– Retrieve data lost due to accidental deleting, disk formatting, drive corruption, transfer interruptions, incorrect removal, virus infection, etc.

How to Do Removable Media Data Recovery?

Download Jihosoft Removable Drive Recovery and install it to your computer.
Run the application and choose “Deep Recovery” mode to proceed.
Select connected removable drive and click “Start Scan” to search for lost files.
Once the scanning is done, preview the recoverable files and select those you want to retrieve.

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