How to Hack An Instagram Account on iOS/Android Phone in 2019

Nowadays Instagram is among the most popular social media networking sites. Almost every teenager we come across has an Instagram account on their smartphones. Due to the fact that Instagram provides us with a very cool platform to showcase our photos and to view photos of friends and celebrities, thus its number of users is smoothly growing. There is no platform other than Instagram, where we can so closely follow our favourite celebrities.

Instagram has lots of boon in itself but it also can be a major cause of distraction for the teenagers. Almost every parent these days is worried about the time their children spend on social media websites like Instagram, as they will highly affect children’s productivity as well as health. Also children nowadays interact with their friends or lovers very fast through Social Medias like Instagram, which might distract them from their regular schedules, and one as a parent would seriously want to monitor these interactions that the children are having to prevent anything unpleasant happening.

Instagram Account Passwords

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Here we are going to guide you through 6 ways that you can use to hack the Instagram account on iPhone or Android phone of your children or others and monitor activities on it.

1. Using the “Forgot Password” to Attain Your Kid’s Instagram

Suprisingly, the simplest way, “Forger Password” method is what you can use to hack an Instragram account without having to learn any kind of techniques.

Follow the steps below to hack an Instagram account with the “Forgot Password”.

After following those mentioned steps, you will get access to the account. Since you get hold of the target’s phone, also login into the Instagram account with the new password to keep on monitoring.

2. Using to Track Your Target’s Instagram Password on iPhone or Android Phone

The ‘Spyzie’ is an application which can be used easily to get access to anyone’s Instagram account without even letting them know.

Below steps will show you how you can hack an Instagram account using the ‘Spyzie’ application.

After this you can track and monitor the activities of the user without his/her knowledge.

3. Using mSpy to Track the Instagram Password of Your Target Account

mSpy is one of the safe and secure spying application. to hack and spy an Instagram account; you just need to follow the steps provided below.

This will also enable you to know the password of the Instagram account of the person.

After following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to access the Instagram account of the concerned person in your computer without letting him/her know.

4. Using Flexispy Key Logger to Track an Instagram on iPhone

The Flexispy Keylogger is designed for iPhones. You can easily get access to the Instagram account of an iPhone user with the help of this application.

Follow the steps provided below to hack the Instagram account of an iPhone user.

This will also let you know the person’s Instagram password when he/she logs in.

5. Using Instaleak to Hack an Instagram Account Online

When it comes to hacking of Instagram accounts, is one of the most popular tools in this area. This tool is free to use and it is very simple for one to hack an Instagram account online.

To get access to someone’s Instagram account with the help of, follow the steps provided below.

6. Using Instahax0r to Hack the Instagram Password

Instahax0r was launched in 2016 and it appeared as a new and one of the best Instagram password hacking tools. It has maintained an extraordinary success rate of 94% and it doesn’t take more than 100 seconds to get the password hacked. Along with a few other algorithms, Instahax0r uses Rainbow Tables hacking method to hack the password of any Instagram account online.

Follow the steps provided below, to hack the password of an Instagram account online, using Instahax0r.

Final Note

All of the above-mentioned ways are very useful and effective in getting the password hacked of any Instagram account. Go through the techniques properly and get them applied to get access to the Instagram account of your targeted person.

We suggest you to use these techniques only if your intention is to monitor your children’s activity in Instagram or if there is any immediate necessity. Performing such stunts with negative intentions might be punishable. If you have any question or other suggestion, welcome to leave a comment below.

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