How to Download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers for free

Ever imagined what a life without videos would be like? Take a look back at the 1950s. Then, take a look at what TV and the internet is now. From YouTube, Instagram to Facebook, you cannot scroll through without taking a look at them.

So, what makes these videos so appealing that we can’t help pressing the play button? For one, online videos seem to be able to connect better with what we are looking for – all thanks to the thumbnail image. It captures the appeal of the video and encapsulates what is to follow.

What if you could use this thumbnail image in other ways?

As one who loves to make videos, you are sure to be looking to have more eyeballs on your videos. What if we told you it is easier than you thought about? You can, for instance, take a thumbnail of a part of the video that seems interesting, quickly to garner more views.

Or, are you a blogger or designer looking for a great image? Why not take a cool picture out of a video? It’s going to be unique and is sure to get more engagement in your piece.

The 7 Best YouTube Thumbnail Downloaders You Can Use

Downloading YouTube thumbnails is easier than you think, and we have got just the list of YouTube video cover downloaders you are looking for. From paid subscriptions to free extensions, here are the seven best YouTube thumbnail grabbers in 2019. Check out our list to find the one that works best for you.

1. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader – Our Top Choice

Are you looking for an all-round solution for all your video editing and playback needs? Come, take a look at the YouTube 4k Video Downloader, the most wholesome downloader out there.

Download 4K Video Downloader for Windows Download 4K Video Downloader for Mac

You can download videos and covers from major websites, including popular ones like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also download the videos and audios you like from SoundCloud, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Tumblr, Veoh, and other prominent video sharing sites, in a resolution you like. The software supports resolutions as high as 4K, so you can retain the original video quality.

The best part? You can select and save multiple videos at once, in one single click. It’s one tool that both the video makers and audience will love.

To download videos and thumbnails from YouTube with Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader, all you have to do is paste the video link into the program, and select “Download video cover” along with other options from the pop-up box. After that, tap the “Download” button to start the download process. Once complete, you will be able to view the thumbnails by opening the output folder.

More Features:

Using Jihosoft video downlowader to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

2. ThumbnailSave – The Easier Option

ThumbnailSave is easy, safe and just a step away and is one of the easier ways to learn how to download YouTube thumbnail. If you’re looking to download preview images, then this website lets you download them for free. You get to choose the video and image quality you want to download, and this is one of the fewer YouTube Thumbnail Downloaders that offer options in 720p, 1080p, and 4K. With a high downloading speed on offer, you can download files on practically any device.

Whether you’re using your PC or your iPhone, this YT Thumbnail Downloader is readily available. Simply copy-paste the URL and press on ‘Submit’. The next page will show you the image. You can right-click on it and save it.

ThumbnailSave’s easy accessibility and free downloads let you download images from any part of the world. Be it the thumbnails of your favorite anime show or a brand that you love, use these quality thumbnails for your artwork, blogging, or to take a print-out for a poster!

Using ThumbnailSave to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

3. YouTube Thumbnail Downloader – The Basic Choice

YouTube users across the globe can rejoice as the perfect downloader for their favorite thumbnail images is here. This YouTube Thumbnail Downloader allows you to download images in 3 different qualities. After pasting the YouTube link in the box, the downloader will generate three types of images.

Select the quality image you need and click on download. The available range of image qualities on YouTube video cover downloader is FULL HD (1080), HD (720), and HD. You can also paste links from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, among others. Use this smooth and straightforward downloader to send pictures to your friends, create memes, or use it as your wallpaper.

Using YouTube Thumbnail Downloader to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

4. Youtube Thumbnail Image – Making it Simple

Thumbnails are a big deal for YouTubers. The number of views your video gets depends on your thumbnail. If you’re looking to become popular on YouTube or just write a news piece with a great image, learn the art of choosing a great thumbnail.

YouTube pays you for every view you get on your channel. You know that the importance of a unique and attractive thumbnail cannot be downplayed. Download the best YouTube thumbnails using the YouTube thumbnail image.

You can easily download in four different image quality. Choose from standard formats like the MQ 320×180 or high-end HD formats like 1920×1080 to download YouTube thumbnail that’s just right for you. Just copy-paste the video link and download your desired quality image.

This website also has interesting videos and articles on how to choose the correct thumbnail for your videos. Basically, this website is your one-stop destination to be a pro with thumbnails.

Using Youtube Thumbnail Image to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

5. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber – Get Some Stylish Borders is a cool place for downloading YouTube thumbnails. Just copy-paste the Youtube link and the downloader will give you a variety of options to choose from. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber adds borders to the thumbnail ranging from thick black border to thin faded border.

Choose the image that you like and right-click on it to save YouTube thumbnail. These borders look amazing on Youtube video covers.

Using YouTube Thumbnail Grabber to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

6. HD Thumbnail Save – Downloading in HD Resolution

Here is the thing that you need to remember when it comes to downloading thumbnails – your audience will be seeing the images. Pix-elated pictures aren’t a great idea, especially at a time when your audience have HD screens. The HD Thumbnail Save tool helps you avoid that.

Wondering how to download YouTube thumbnail in high quality? Take a look at HD Thumbnail Save, an effective tool that produces images in 1080p resolution. Copy-paste the YouTube URL and click on download to get a high-quality thumbnail image. This tool is free and can be used by both amateurs and experts to download high-quality thumbnail images easily.

Using HD Thumbnail Save to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

7. YouTube™ Thumbnail Downloader – The Minimal Choice

A Google chrome extension, it is compatible with almost all devices. Download images using extensions safely, or do more, including editing the images. A must-have for artists and designers online, you can download the thumbnails in a single click.

If you have Google Chrome, open the extension and click on Add to Chrome. You can get started quickly. Unfortunately, the extension missed several essential features that users like, such as downloading videos. If you’d like to download videos from YouTube, here are 5 best YouTube video downloader chrome extensions you can use.

Using YouTube™ Thumbnail Downloader to download HD YouTube Thumbnails/Covers.

Which One Should You Go For?

Now, when it comes to getting the right thumbnail for your video, you shouldn’t just look to get an image. Sure, you need a good image, and all of these tools that we reviewed above does that. However, you need a little more. Ask yourself the following when it comes to choosing a YouTube thumbnail downloader:

If you are looking for something that’s worthwhile, we will ask you to try out the Jihosoft 4K video downloader. It’s got a lot more to offer than just help you download the best thumbnails. No matter why you are looking for a YouTube cover downloader, we recommend you to go for one that can help you do more – and few come near to the Jihosoft offering when it comes to that.

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