How Much Does YouTube Pay for Per 1000 Views in 2020 [ Full Guide]

If you spend a large portion of your day scrolling through YouTube trying to find videos that will be interesting to watch, then you definitely want to know at some point how much YouTube pays per view.

As your favorite YouTubers put up videos for you, they are paid for the content they produce. Full-time YouTubers base their livelihood on how much they earn through their videos. However, it is unfair to make assumptions about a YouTuber and his or her income without checking all the facts. YouTube is not a wish-granting factory, and one has to work hard to make money on YouTube. Moreover, YouTube is not the most reliable in terms of a career. Some channels never take off, while others reach the highest peak and then fall when subscribers turn against the creators.

Today, there is still a lot of curiosity about how to get paid on YouTube and how much YouTube pays for per view. To this end, we will explain these two topics in detail in the next paragraph and hope that every reader can benefit from it.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

Some people still think that the Internet is not the greatest of places to earn money, but it is nothing more than a myth. If you succeed in becoming a great Internet personality, then nothing can stop you. Being a YouTuber is an excellent way of establishing a fan base and letting out your creative genius. The bonus? You get paid while you are doing so. Google usually gives 68% of the AdSense revenue they collect to the YouTuber.

So, if an advertiser pays $100, Google hands over $68 to the content creator. In real life, an advertiser pays anywhere between $0.10 and $0.30 for each view. If we are to calculate the average, it stands at $0.18 per view. A YouTube channel usually earns $18 for every 1,000 ad views. Practically, it leads to the channel receiving $3 – $5 for every 1000 views of the video.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View

If you want to join YouTube, then you should do your research. You will hear thousands of YouTubers claiming that they hardly earn anything from YouTube, and that is true. On the other hand, you will also learn of moderate to wild success stories. YouTube success is a ladder that you have to climb, and you cannot give up in the beginning because of how difficult it is. Once you earn that first dollar and your channel becomes more popular, your viewers will watch more of your ads and brands might even offer you sponsorship deals.

You will be able to sign up and create an Adsense account the moment you create a channel on YouTube. You can enable the channel to be monetized, but you will most likely not earn any money until your channel begins to receive enough traffic. In order to build up your channel, you will have to take advantage of adverts which are either CPM (cost per thousand views) or CPC (cost per click).

For a CPC ad to pay, a viewer needs to actually click on the ad. However, a minimal number of viewers make an effort to click on the ads around the videos. CPM ads require a viewer to see it for at least thirty seconds before it can be considered for payment. Most viewers like to skip through the ads when they have the option to do so. All YouTube content creators have to share their advertising revenue with YouTube. Once your AdSense account hits $100, you will start receiving payment. You must remember that the metrics of the ads are not constant. They vary from video to video because advertisers take into account factors like demographics, content, and timing. Advertisers like to target viewers based on their age, gender, location, etc.

Technically, your payment will not depend on the number of views that you receive. Instead, it will vary based on viewers’ interaction with the ad. CPM ads within a video usually pay between $2-$5 for every 1000 views while CPC ads for banner ads average about $0.18 per click. As you go ahead on your YouTube journey, the numbers will go up.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View

In the beginning, a channel should create a solid reputation before aspiring for higher income. Affiliate marketing is a popular choice for many YouTubers. However, that also does not pay per view, so to speak. YouTubers usually add a link to an affiliate sales page with their video and earn money with every click. If your YouTube channel is not born out of your love for something in specific, you can create a channel that focuses on popular topics like gaming, life hacks, and gossip.

There is no one reliable pay for YouTube views. It all depends on YouTube advertising and your popularity. After reaching 20,000 subscribers, you might be able to crowdfund your account even through external websites. Sponsorships are one of the best ways to earn money on YouTube as long as you are honest with your subscribers.

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Once YouTubers enter the million club, it becomes a smooth sail for most of them. The key is to continue attracting traffic.

How to Get Paid on YouTube?

Once you are on YouTube, the first thing to do is to build up an audience. You need to narrow down the category under which you will be making videos. It might take a while to attract new viewers and increase your follower count, but you should have patience. The key is to create a library of great videos one by one. Speak to a specific audience, and make sure that you are promoting these videos whenever you can.

When you enable the monetization option for your account, you will have to join the YouTube Partner Program. Once you have set up an AdSense account, Google will approve your application, and your YouTube channel will be added to the account. Now you will have to check a box labeled “Monetise With Ads” and claim copyright for your videos. Read through every notification so that you are not misled. Remember that any video with another YouTuber’s copyrighted material cannot be monetized. Even something as simple as background music can lead to the demonetization of your video.

How to Get Paid on YouTube?

On the Uploads Default screen, you will be able to choose the types of advertisements that you want on your YouTube channel. Focus on advertisements that play within the videos because viewers do not have a way of avoiding them. Encourage your viewers to interact with the ads so that you can earn money off them. If you do not want to be so direct, try to make your content riveting and exciting that viewers are willing to pay for.

Apart from display and overlay ads, you will be able to insert midroll ads in longer videos. Skippable video ads can be placed at the beginning of a video, and they are most commonly used. You can also go for non-skippable video ads, but you should use them judiciously in the beginning. Most viewers will not be willing to sit through an ad for a video that does not interest them. Once you have a large number of subscribers who want the best for you- that is when the translation of YouTube views to money really begins.

How to Get Paid on YouTube?

AdSense only serves a channel with ads when they feel that the channel is reputed enough to use ads for their benefit. If brands are willing to collaborate with you, it is a positive sign for AdSense to flush you with ads. If you target a specific demographic with your videos, it will be easier for you to tailor and polish your videos.

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As a content creator, you should keep track of your performance so that you can identify what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. YouTube itself gives you access to excellent analytical tools that will allow you to track your monetized videos. The YouTube Analytics Revenue report will show the estimated earnings for your videos.

What’s the Best YouTube Money Calculators?

Estimating the amount of money one earns or can earn on YouTube is not an easy task. That is why there are multiple websites which will help you conduct the calculation. All you have to do is provide the page with the necessary data, and then they will evaluate and analyze before giving you a rough amount.

The best YouTube money calculator can be found on Find out how much money you can earn through your videos. If you want more options for a YouTube earning calculator, visit or to get the job done.

What’s the Best YouTube Money Calculators?

The Bottom Line

A large number of factors contribute to a YouTuber’s revenue. Views cannot be treated as the only determinant of their income. AdSense payments depend largely on clicks as well. When viewers skip ads, they automatically reduce the amount to be received by the creator. Moreover, the quality of the advertisers also plays a role.

You should not ignore the importance of keywords when it comes to ad placements. Certain keywords attract absolute YouTubers.

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